RPE’s Perspective on Unified Commerce in the Latest Apparel Magazine Report

It wasn’t too long ago that the concept of unified commerce was new and its impact on retail unsubstantiated, but today that’s far from the case. As a matter of fact, 2017 is unified commerce’s year in the spotlight, and we’ll likely see a high volume of retailers focus on the migration to a unified [...]

Retail Allocation to Profitability Deliver on Customer Expectations

Retailers must enhance and translate key consumer insights into fine-tuned allocations with store-specific assortments to remain competitive and meet customer demand. The challenge is this must be done efficiently and profitably across the entire retail chain. To deliver on customer expectations, executing the right allocation and merchandising strategy across all channels is critical. Allocating in [...]

Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting Provider is Critical

All cloud is not created the same… Do you actually know where your data is? Is the data center SSAE 16 audited? Is there 24/7 staff monitoring your systems? Is each rack locked to prevent unauthorized access. Are the services that you receive customized to properly support your needs? It’s clear that the benefits of [...]

Online Shopping on Target to Make Holiday History – Retail Unified Commerce Is More Important Than Ever

Deloitte's 31st Annual Holiday Survey of consumer spending intentions supports what RPE has communicated to customers during the past several months. Retail unified commerce with no silos is the way of the future! If retailers treat online and in-store shopping as mutually reinforcing rather than competitive forces, they can create more opportunities across all business [...]

Free EXPO Ticket Giveaway for the 2017 NRF Conference & EXPO

Retail’s biggest annual event, the 2017 NRF Conference & EXPO (a.k.a. Retail’s BIG Show 2017), is right around the corner and we’re giving away tickets to retailers for yet another year. As a leading retail consulting services provider, we’re proud to be a part of the event for the 15th straight year, and excited to [...]

Supercharge Your Core Merchandise Management with Today’s Optimization Tools

No matter the size of your operation, a solid and powerful retail merchandising system is the cornerstone of information systems. At its core, a quality merchandising foundation allows the retailer to drive inventory across all markets and locations, ultimately helping customers find the products they expect to obtain easily and immediately. But the modern customer [...]

Why We Must Embrace Unified Commerce: An Open Letter By Our Executive Vice President

Dear Retailers, Today’s retail industry is vastly different than it was 50 or even 10 years ago, and the fact of the matter is (whether you like it or not), the new ways in which retail functions will continue to evolve. What I mean by that is, back when brick-and-mortar ruled the world, retail operations [...]

Five Reasons Why Retailers Need the Cloud

Cloud support, security and affordability are now more feasible than ever for retailers, thanks to its low-cost dependability. As a cloud hosting provider, many of our clients are choosing to deploy their hardware, software and support services through cloud networks. RPE has identified five important ways that retailers are benefiting from the cloud. Solving Common [...]

RPE Solutions and JDA Software Cordially Invite You to Attend Two Complimentary Summits

To support our leading merchandise management systems, we’re hosting two summits next month, and all JDA merchandising users are encouraged to attend the day-long, complimentary events and dinners. The summits, which are set to occur on back-to-back days, will focus on JDA’s Merchandise Management System (MMS) and Portfolio Merchandise System (PMM) solutions. The meetings will [...]

CIO Review Magazine Interview Recap

It’s no news to IT executives that CIO Review is steadfastly becoming a leading publication in the industry by exhibiting an acute understanding of all that is relevant in technology. Thus, it came as no surprise to RPE Solutions and our first-rate retail consulting services that we were asked to participate in a feature interview for [...]