retail forecasting and replenishment
A retail forecasting and replenishment system provides you control over both demand and replenishment signals. These solutions allow your company to model and manage promotions, seasonal spikes, events and product lifecycle management. Retail forecasting and replenishment provides companies a network-wide replenishment, procurement and store level framework to identify stock-outs well before they occur.

Business Challenge
Maximizing service levels while minimizing inventory is a challenge retailers face year-round. Keeping the shelves stocked with the right merchandise while avoiding overstocks and out of stocks requires precision so you are proactive and not reactive. Retail forecasting and replenishment solutions are for today and the future.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Reduction in inventories and lead times
  • Increased turns and customer service levels
  • Improved capital and merchandising budge allocation
  • Enhanced buyer productivity
  • Increased revenues

The application suite includes:

Retail Demand Forecasting
Success in retail forecasting requires your organization to be able to control and manage the impact of promotions, events, new product introductions, product wind-downs and assortment changes in your demand plan. RPE can show you how to stay in control in a retail forecasting environment, without requiring a staff of statisticians and expert planners.

Store Level Replenishment
Everyone can push product to a store, but not everyone can manage a push and pull signal, all while ensuring that the behavior of each store, its demand patterns, network shipping schedules and inventory levels are in synch.

Our approach enables visibility into each and every store in their network without requiring “touching” each one. Planning in retail was never designed to be a “touch everything” behavior – our approach stresses exception management with thresholds and resolution patterns designed around your organizations’ competitive advantages.

Guaranteed Shelf Availability
We’ve been working with some of the smartest minds in retail and are providing access to a solution that solves one of the largest blind-spots, managing shelf and SKU level availability around the unique, dynamic behavior of each store’s demand patterns. Using your customer service levels as a target, you can provide shelf-level availability, reduce inventory levels and maintain customer service levels on a daily basis.

Cross-Enterprise Collaboration
Every organization can plan – and most do so very well. When it comes to planning with partners, agreeing on demand plans, procurement plans and a delivery schedule, EDI doesn’t always solve every retail forecasting and replenishment challenge. RPE has developed an approach to enable companies to drive down inventories and focus everyone in the supply chain to focus on meeting the consumer’s needs.

Optimal Order Building
Retail Order Building has many dimensions and we are able to provide solutions across the retail spectrum. We drive simplicity into the process to build orders that leverage purchasing agreements; those combined with the upstream clarity in replenishment and procurement planning enable your team to decide how to work with each of your vendors in the most beneficial (and profitable) way. 

Cloud-Based Tailored Training
RPE understands the investment made by retailers and the constant change that occurs in the user base of systems. Changing personnel, business processes and system features often effect the knowledge levels gained during an implementation. By leveraging our instructional design methodology, communication expertise and technical skills, RPE helps establish learning curriculums, certification programs and services education. We produce learning content on feature overviews, best practice exercises and internal processes in retail forecasting and replenishment.