For hardware, it’s important to thoroughly understand the software applications that will be running – all of which have very unique nuances and effect hardware demand. Imagine that you could add a depth of experience to rely on when installing these applications on various hardware configurations. RPE works in a wide breadth of operating environments including IBMi, AIX, Linux and Windows and has partnerships with IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba to present the right hardware solution for your software applications. As a respected and experienced retail consulting firm, RPE directs you to industry-leading software, but RPE can also provide the hardware.

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RPE partners with leading hardware providers. We assist you with the configuration and can provide all the necessary steps including delivery, installation, setup, configuration and even routine operations management.

Bottom Line Benefits
As hardware ages, maintenance costs increase. Today’s hardware has more processing power and upgrading to newer hardware increases efficiency and reduces operational and maintenance costs. Rely on RPE to assist you in hardware selection, configuration, installation and management to:

  • Improve performance and processing power
  • Accommodate future growth
  • Increase security
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Provide mission-critical reliability