IBM Power Systems

IBM is a premier hardware provider through its IBM Power Systems. The popularity of the IBM computing environment is well-known and well established. Whether operating on IBM i, AIX or Linux, Power Systems provide you with the freedom and flexibility of choice to respond to your unique business needs. Choice allows you to expand your options for faster and efficient technology development and IT integration with existing resource and ecosystem technologies.


IBM Power
Your IT infrastructure matters. Response time expectations are shrinking, demands are growing and organizations need to be able to deliver an ever-growing amount of information to employees, customers and partners across many devices and channels.

Power servers are built on POWER8 technology and push the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology with innovation designed to drive faster and more efficient data-centric applications. IBM Power Systems enable organizational transformation and optimal business performance using data-driven insights delivered through an open and flexible platform.

  • Designed for the demands of big data and analytics
  • Better economies for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures
  • Delivers new capabilities for mobile applications
  • Delivers rapid ROI while transforming how business services delivered
  • Minimizes risks with secure delivery of data and services

IBM Power for Retail
A major technology shift is taking place in the retail marketplace, driven by double-digit annual growth in mobile and social commerce. More than ever before, retailers need to integrate social and collaborative systems, share IT resources and deliver a seamless shopping experience across multiple shopping channels. Learn how retail solutions on IBM Power Systems can help you successfully gather, analyze, interpret and quickly react to growing volumes of customer data to navigate this new era of retailing.

IBM Certifications
RPE consultants are vigorously tested and evaluated on software, hardware and services to become certified in many critical areas to help retailers maximize investments.

IBM Operating Systems
IBM Power servers address virtually all the most popular and widely-used operating systems and databases among retailers and businesses today. IBM has built a technology foundation and expanded it to include support for multiple operating systems. Since the introduction of Power Systems, IBM has built upon that technology foundation and expanded it to include support for multiple operating systems including IBM i, AIX and Linux.

for-business-iconIBM i
An integrated operating system, database and middleware built for retailers. It is optimized for exceptional business resilience and non-disruptive growth on IBM Power Systems. IBM i has proven and trusted security with auditing and compliance tools. No wonder three of the top four retail software providers offer IBM i based solutions. IBM i is scalable to support small retailers and large chains.

  • Integrated operating system, database and middleware, built for business
  • Virtualized to support multiple applications and processes with stability and integrity
  • Optimized for non-disruptive growth on IBM Power servers
  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Designed for exceptional infrastructure support for mobile devices
  • Thousands of industry application solutions available from ISVs
  • Simplified operations and storage management

AIX is an open standards-based UNIX operating system designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability and manageability. AIX is popular among retailers, particularly those who require large scale computing environments. Its popularity is not unsurprising given that virtually all of the major retail software providers offer AIX based solutions.

  • Expanded share in the UNIX market with increasing momentum
  • Unmatched highly scalable performance
  • Increased server utilization and lower energy costs
  • Virtualization capabilities to help consolidate workloads
  • Secure IT environment integrated into existing security infrastructure
  • Premier UNIX operating system with over 8000 applications from 3000 ISVs
  • Compatibility from one release to the next so easy to upgrade
  • Easy migration from competitive UNIX platforms to consolidated UNIX workload

An UNIX-like operating system created in the open source world. Businesses worldwide are realizing the benefits of open source software, including superior return on investment, greater operational flexibility and enhanced agility to grow mission-critical systems with the organization. IBM Power Systems support the industry-leading Red Hat, SUSE and Ubunta Linux distributions.

  • World’s fastest growing operating system
  • Highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system
  • Affordable, interoperable and manageable open source foundation


DB2 Universal Database
DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for Power Systems is built into OS/400. Because of the tight integration between DB2 and OS/400, and the unique architecture of OS/400, many of the traditional database-specific administration requirements found on other DBMS’s either aren’t necessary with DB2 UDB for Power Systems or administered through OS/400 facilities.

Oracle Database
Oracle is the database of choice for IBM Power Systems and is widely viewed by retailers as the premier database for large scale computing environments. Many of the most popular and well-recognized retail software vendors showcase their products based on the Oracle database and the IBM Power server.

SQL Server
Microsoft’s SQL Server runs on IBM Power Systems. SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition gives you the complete set of data management and analysis features, and it scales to support the largest Web sites, Enterprise Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems and Data Warehousing systems.