Accurate Planning Through Omnichannel Intelligence

Without a clearly defined strategic direction across the supply chain, businesses may be missing opportunities, operating inefficiently and even working at cross purposes, with misaligned objectives. JDA Enterprise Planning / JDA Arthur Planning allows companies to easily tie enterprise-wide strategic plans to the execution of shared goals. JDA Enterprise Planning helps produce the most accurate, insightful, coordinated plans possible, while eliminating duplicate data sources. As economies expand and borders blur, it has become critical to optimize all of the strategic, merchandise, assortment, operational and resource planning activities across your supply and demand chain.

jda assortment planning

Why RPE and JDA

RPE strategic and functional consultants have extensive experience in JDA Enterprise Planning to provide greater data visibility, responsiveness and synchronization for more accurate planning. The flexible, scalable JDA Assortment Planning solution seamlessly incorporates statistical sales forecasts and consumer-driven channel clusters while maximizing inventory productivity. RPE’s commitment to service and experience paired with JDA Enterprise Planning provide a solution that is essential in today’s competitive retail landscape.

JDA Enterprise Planning Application

The suite includes multiple solutions with the choice of being implemented individually or as a suite. When an advanced and in-depth planning and assortment plans are needed, JDA Enterprise Planning is an ideal option. JDA Enterprise Planning identifies your common financial objectives for sales, inventory, receipt flow, margin and other key performance indicators (KPIs) via workflow-driven processes.

The solution features functionality to dynamically group product, location and time hierarchy members. Attribute-based planning creates truly consumer-driven plans by consolidating planning and evaluating data by key attributes, both Product and Store. Exception management capabilities highlight specific areas that require analysis, review or approval — enabling you to quickly address issues across every channel, category and store.

JDA Assortment Planning

JDA Assortment Planning helps retailers take a budget for a selected group of items and adjust the merchandise mix by store. Planners can look at what products will sell at which stores and in what quantities. JDA Assortment Planning bridges the gap between plan and purchase order.

  • Import business goals to determine if a planned assortment will meet the goal
  • Plan at a low level of detail to achieve the best merchandise selection
  • Look at planned assortments in multiple ways such as use of store groups and store grades for each product and store attribute
  • Create consolidations of assortments, view collections or get a view of the big picture

JDA Merchandise Planning

The Enterprise Planning solution is a multi-dimensional client-server based merchandise planning application, with the ability to support extensive volumes of data and still provide ease of use and maintain data integrity.

  • Spread strategic plans up or down depending on the business objectives
  • Develop plans in dollars and units, considering omni-channel buying trends and needs of specific locations
  • Customize planning measures to coordinate merchandising, operations and distribution functions
  • Integrate process, team and support systems effectively

JDA Enterprise Planning Upgrade and Health Check

Keeping the Enterprise Planning system functioning efficiently is critical to effective planning. But how can you be certain your system is firing on all cylinders? An Enterprise Planning Health Check from RPE will give you the feedback you need to understand system and process effectiveness. Is your system configured appropriately? Do you have access to all the data you need to make your plans? Do your planners understand the process and the tools at their disposal? RPE will evaluate all of these factors and develop a detailed recommendation for improvement.