Retailers can confidently and quickly optimize the decision-making process and take action through analytics and business intelligence with JDA Reporting for MMS and PMM. This innovative analytics tool provides an interactive way for virtually anyone to find, explore and share data-driven insights to improve business. Business intelligence encompasses the strategies and technologies used by retailers for data analysis. JDA Reporting provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations allowing companies to make sound data-driven decisions to increase sales and streamline operations.

Why RPE and JDA
JDA Reporting brings together data from other applications resulting in complete reporting coverage. It is pre-integrated into JDA MMS and JDA PMM allowing for real-time access to MMS data. Based on IBM Cognos 11, this analytics tool is easily supportable within the MMS and PMM platform. This solution has many advantages over JDA’s legacy reporting tool, and you will quickly see the improvements.

JDA Reporting Application
JDA Reporting empowers retailers to make sound data-driven business decisions using a single platform. The innovative tool creates compelling reports and dashboards which users can easily distribute throughout the company in multiple formats. Accessible via web browser/mobile, this web-based tool allows user to access anytime from anywhere.

With real-time access to MMS data, there is no need to wait for batch data. JDA Reporting utilizes one database to ensure “one version of the truth” when data is shared. It also has capabilities to combines data sources, and you can easily upload internal and external data to effortlessly combine resources.

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A JDA Reporting demo from RPE explores the solution’s business analysis, data visualization and reporting capabilities. This solution has many advantages over JDA’s legacy reporting tool and you will quickly see the advantages of the modern user interface.

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