NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP enables retailers to run their entire business more efficiently through an easy-to-use unified platform accessible by any device at any time. RPE is a NetSuite integration partner working with retailers to implement this scalable and robust solution to streamlines business processes to gain agility and flexibility. A NetSuite ERP implementation provides intuitive business intelligence and real-time insights in a unified view of the entire organization to help business leaders make informed decisions. As a cloud-based solution, software is always current with built-in flexibility to tailor and meet unique requirements and industry-specific needs.

NetSuite cloud-based ERP includes:

NetSuite for Retail

Today’s retailers must move away from the disconnect of stand-alone systems and solutions and enter a new era. With a NetSuite ERP implementation, you receive an end-to-end retail solution and single commerce cloud platform that merges ecommerce, point of sale and order management with back office systems. Successful retailers must adapt to a changing retail landscape by keeping pace with innovation to future-proof the business. Stop managing complex software and hardware and focus on increasing profits and customer service with a cloud-based and mobile-ready solution. Work with a certified NetSuite implementation partner today on a NetSuite ERP implementation to achieve unified commerce.

netsuite integration partnersWhy Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation (PSA) and omnichannel commerce software suites. More than 40,000 organizations rely on NetSuite’s cloud-based business software.


RPE participates in the NetSuite Alliance Partner Program which enables RPE to work in collaboration with NetSuite sales, account management and professional services. NetSuite integration partners engage with retailers to help them exceed in areas like financial management, order management, operations, point of sale and customer relations. RPE is distinguished within the retail industry as being a leader in systems consulting with extensive retail knowledge and a reputation of providing superior service. Since 1999 RPE has worked with retailers across the United States and Canada to improve processes and deliver solutions to achieve unified commerce.

NetSuite Certification

RPE associates have completed extensive training to become NetSuite certified. Companies that use certified professionals see more effective deployments, increased productivity and a greater return on their investment for a NetSuite ERP implementation.

NetSuite Cloud-Based ERP

 Financial Management

The cloud-based single platform guarantees complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a high level down to individual transactions. It seamlessly combines order management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce functions to streamline critical business processes. Confidentially report financials faster and more accurately.

Order Management

Order management puts an end to manual processes and prevents errors, resulting in a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment ensuring timely invoicing and payment. With the sales, finance and fulfillment teams all working from the same platform, users will experience improved quote accuracy and eliminate billing errors while driving fulfillment with efficiency.

Production Management

Proficiently run manufacturing operations in real time. NetSuite production management has businesses covered at every step including work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing. Make informed decisions to accelerate product development to get products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Supply Chain Management

Businesses today must manage their supply chain across multiple countries and time zones. NetSuite’s unified suite pulls together manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management capabilities to improve the process and generate the ideal plan to balance supply and demand. Improve service levels and lead times while controlling costs.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Advanced warehouse and fulfillment operations improves agility, visibility and labor productivity to optimally manage all resources. Manage in-bound transportation, receiving and storage. Outbound logistics are integrated with manufacturing, inventory and warehouse management to ensure a smooth flow, so product reaches customers for on-time delivery.


NetSuite’s procurement solution helps business buy goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner. Save valuable time and reduce costs by channeling purchases to approved suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts. Better manage vendors, enforce procurement policies and automate processes from the user-configurable dashboard.

Human Capital Management

Engage and motivate the most valuable business asset – employees. HCM empowers human resource professionals to have complete control to manage the workforce by streamlining everything from new hires and compensation packages to payroll and promotions. Weave people and data together with this powerful solution all from a single platform.

 Point of Sale

Bridge the gap between channels for improved customer service. Automate front end capabilities in real-time with backend processes to deliver a unified commerce shopping experience with a NetSuite ERP implementation. Receive a full omnichannel profile of customers to empower sales associates to sell more and build relationships with seamless cross-channel functionality.