ChainDrive’s robust, fully-integrated and retail-centric accounting software goes beyond the standard by including features that were designed with the retailer in mind. Our accounting system brings automated functionality, streamlining laborious tasks and simplifying your accounting process.


Business Challenge
Retailers are still using accounting systems that are not completely integrated with their entire ERP system. Manual processes and lack of insight and flexibility are major challenges.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Fully-integrated “Retail-Centric” Accounting Systems leveraging centralized database
  • Multi-company capability including seamless inventory management and expense allocation
  • Rules-based commissions and incentives engine that feeds to payroll provider
  • Payroll Service Integration
  • Integrated invoice matching, including drill-down to PO detail
  • Powerful Retail Financial System with reporting available at three grouping levels
  • Tri-dimensional GL structure, providing accountability by account, store, department
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation
  • Automated cash audit and bank reconciliation, with complete drill-down functionality
  • Robust accounting information system
  • Centralized lease management and rent invoicing with future liability projections

Why ChainDrive
ChainDrive’s fully integrated and “Retail-Centric” Accounting has been specifically designed and tailored for today’s retailer. The system has built-in automated functionality with user friendly features intent on simplifying and streamlining all accounting processes. Expense allocation, sophisticated lease management, along with commission engine feature and detailed cash audit tools are among the key components that make up the foundation of ChainDrive’s Accounting. Proficient accounting process allows you to gain insight into any transaction occurring within your chain.


The application includes:

  • Store Operations
  • Merchandising
  • Web Order Fulfillment
  • Wholesale
  • Lease Management