ChainDrive Store Operations offers Omni-channel Commerce specifically designed to synchronize operations throughout the digital and physical selling environments. ChainDrive Store Operations encompasses all processes such as Point of Sale, CRM, POS Mobile/Marketing, Store Budgeting, Price Management, Reporting, Accounting, Analytics and Loss Prevention.


Business Challenge
Meeting consumer demands and providing them what they want, when they want, and in the channel that best suits their needs at any given moment.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Integrated Channels
  • Channel transparency and consistent brand messaging of products, prices and promotions
  • Enterprise-wide, all-channel inventory visibility and order management
  • Flexible and advanced fulfillment options and increased supply chain efficiencies and processes
  • Customer Centric Marketing
  • Seamless digital and physical shopping experiences
  • Enhanced customer/associate engagement through the use of mobile POS
  • Increased customer engagement through CRM
  • 360° customer data insight across all channels

Why ChainDrive
The ChainDrive Retail Management system truly integrates channels and allows for the synchronization and consistency of data across all channels – one centralized database, one clear consolidated set of real-time data.

The application includes:

  • POS/ Mobile POS
  • Store Performance and Store Budgeting
  • Sales Analysis and Employee Productivity
  • CRM and Marketing
  • Advanced Inventory and Order Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Advanced Fulfillment
  • Price Management
  • Accounting