ChainDrive’s Order Fulfillment allows web-orders to be filled from any location, whether they are warehouses, stores, vendors or combination thereof, by applying user rules the system can locate, consolidate, direct ship or hold for pickup directly at a store.


Business Challenge
Meeting the expectations of today’s “Omni-channel” shopper and delivering on their demands of “Buy Anywhere – Pick-up Anywhere”.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Fill web orders from any combination of warehouse and/or store locations
  • Set conditions that will automatically pull from nearest location
  • Track all fulfillment requests, current status and location including in-transit
  • Apply rules to select items from locations with the most inventory and/or slowest rate of sales (forecasted weeks of supply)
  • Either consolidate item(s) at a centralized DC or direct ship from location, transfer requests can be initiated automatically
  • Simple warehouse orders management
  • Cross-channel carrier integration
  • Optional API’s include; External Logistics, Payment Processor, 3rd Party warehouse and distribution providers

Why ChainDrive
ChainDrive Web Order Fulfillment offers complete visibility of your inventory at any location and gives you the ability to quickly move merchandise when needed. Order processing is painless and tracking is made simple. Retailers can now offer buy anywhere and pick-up anywhere with speed and accuracy.


The application includes:

  • e-Commerce Gateway
  • Web Marketplace Integration
  • CRM
  • Price Management
  • Product Management
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Loss Prevention
  • Accounting