Store associates have used JDA WinDSS for years to perform basic point of sale functions in a fast, easy and truly unique user interface. Stores can connect real-time to share information in merchandising, labor, space and floor planning and customer relationship systems. Known for its functionality and ease-of-use, WinDSS fully integrates with JDA MMS making it a key component in the retail operating system. Hundreds of retailers rely on JDA WinDSS for store systems support and back office.

JDA WinDSS Support and Modifications
For operating in a Windows-based distributed store systems environment, JDA WinDSS is the original in-store system known for its flexibility and configurability. RPE provides WinDSS store systems support for secure, accurate and fast check out. RPE’s experts have been working with the application since its inception and can make modifications and enhancements to meet your business needs.

Health Checks
Achieving peak performance of JDA WinDSS requires ongoing review to continue delivery of high service levels and functionality. A Health Check from RPE assesses the health of your store systems environment by identifying critical performance and configuration issues and opportunities. It is our goal to ensure that JDA WinDSS functions in your business environment and will make recommendations for immediate and long term solutions detailing high priority issues, overall health risks and recommendations for improvement.

RPE is a JDA Software Partner
When it comes to implementing, managing and hosting JDA Software merchandising and supply chain solutions, retailers have trusted RPE since 1999 for on-time and on-budget deployments. RPE is a JDA Alliances Partner delivering JDA’s innovative solutions to retailers in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

RPE specializes in JDA Software merchandising and supply chain management solutions: