Quickly Make Fact-Based Decisions

JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS provides retailers with the data and Business Intelligence they need to react quickly to changing market conditions and opportunities. As a result, monitoring daily sales, comp store sales, promotions and progress toward business goals has never been easier. JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS is designed specifically for the retail business model, this robust data warehousing solution enables you to rapidly answer merchandising questions (e.g., which categories are the most profitable, what mix performs best at which store type, etc.). You can then leverage this insight to address issues and variances from your merchandise plan — ensuring that you continue to drive sales and maximize profits.

Bottom Line Benefits
  • Access to immediate plan-versus-actual data
  • Optimize product mix and inventory
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve customer service
Why RPE and JDA

JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS integrates with JDA Merchandise Management System / JDA MMS and JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management / JDA PMM, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your merchandising operations. This prepackaged, vendor-supported solution features a metadata data model and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine and administrative tools, as well as JDA’s custom extract, transform and load (ETL) toolset to manage the loading and reclassification of your data.

JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis Application

The biggest challenge retailers face implementing a data warehouse solution is determining what information should be included and what the reports (views) should look like. Most solutions take three to five years of design, configuration and interface work. By using input from its strong retail client base to pre-configure the software with standard categories and hundreds of stock views/queries, JDA has eliminated the long lead time.

What makes this powerful, client/server data warehouse the first choice for so many global retailers is that it’s a secure, scalable and centralized repository for consolidating enterprise data in a logical format. JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS features pre-packaged modules and closed-loop, action support functions. With hundreds of views available out-of-the-box, the solution can immediately be put to work.

Database (Master) Tables

Sales and inventory analysis is highly integrated. In addition to flash sales reporting, there are more than 20 categories (datamarts) that are fed from JDA Merchandise Management System / MMS.

Inventory Control and Procurement

Stock balances are fed to, and can be monitored. The action support and certain transactions such as stock balancing, purchase order creation, promotional pricing and many more can be created and sent back to JDA Merchandise Management System / MMS.

Buyer’s Workbench

JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS tracks sales and inventory by color, size and dimension to the UPC and SKU levels. Colors, sizes and dimensions may be analyzed in aggregate or individually. The On Order category will display open purchase orders and transfer orders, as well as in transit inventory.

Vendor Management

JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis / IDEAS associates sales and inventory by primary vendor so that vendor profitability may be assessed.

Highly Integrated & Action Support

The software is highly integrated with JDA Merchandise Management System / MMS or JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management / PMM and often the reporting tool of choice for either solution. Action Support allows you to not just read and analyze a view/query, but to actually take action such as stock balancing, price adjustments, promotion creation and PO creation, to name a few.


Categories include Daily Flash Sales, Sales & Inventory, Events, On Order, Budget, Aged Inventory, Customer Relations, Distribution Center, GL, Loss Prevention, Merchandise Planning, Replenishment Analysis, Replenishment Suggested Orders and Vendor Performance.