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JDA Space & Category Management

Ensuring customers can find the products they want, when they want them determines whether those products are driving sales or drawing dust. JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix helps construct, manage and optimize detailed retail planograms that enable companies to optimize merchandise space allocations and efficiently execute demand-driven category and assortment management plans.

Business Challenge
By matching merchandise strategies with the way consumers shop, JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix helps you determine how much product to sell, how long it will take to sell it and how much to keep in stock. Tracking fixture types and dimensions at each store enables you to monitor available space and how much product will fit on each fixture. By using the advanced three-dimensional graphics engine you can see exactly how your store presentation will look.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Increased sales, profits and inventory return on investment by optimizing space allocations
  • Reductions in markdowns and merchandise transfer costs
  • Elimination of inaccurate assortments
  • Ability to increase customer satisfaction with demand-driven planning

JDA Space and Category ManagementWhy JDA 
JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix offers store-specific, micro-merchandising and collaboration capabilities that efficiently optimize the position, performance and layout of product categories for better alignment with local consumer demand.

JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix applications assist retailers and manufacturers in leveraging their category management expertise. The applications provide the correct assortment of products needed for the planograms and can easily be used to create planograms and floor plans for stores. The software provides the capabilities to increase assortment and shelf space opportunities without adding head count. JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix maximizes each store’s contribution through the development and execution of optimized assortments to increase product and store productivity.

JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix software provides retailers and suppliers the tools to eliminate the guesswork involved in determining the most effective products for shelf space to best meet customer demands and increase profits while reducing the impact of out-of-stocks. Insight leads to action. As an example, reducing a planogram from 24 feet to 16 feet results in added savings and benefits.

This reduction in square footage can:

  • Reduce POG inventory 45 percent – SKUs are not cut, just capacity, cost and units
  • Provide an increased ROI of up to 38 percent
  • Free up space for more cross-category or private label opportunities

By utilizing the JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix suite of products, retailers and manufacturers are able to increase the efficiencies of resources, enhance the retail or consumer coverage, and improve business processes while also increasing the flexibility and scalability deeper and more widely across the organization. A distinct competitive advantage is created through the increased efficiency of workflow and effectiveness of people.

The implementation process begins with a full analysis and benchmark of the retailer to create and refine best practices and future models to begin to leverage the efficiencies of the software and processes right away. It is a quick start approach to faster ROI to help achieve benefits now, not years later.

The JDA Space & Category Management / Intactix applications include:

Space Planning - Space Planning streamlines your execution of top-level category plans. Space Planning helps by placing the right products in the right positions at the right time. It can also improve your bottom line by quickly analyzing how much of a product can be sold, how many cases must be kept in stock and how much space is needed to support sales requirements. Other features of the application help determine target inventories for each product, to reduce inventories while keeping the right amount of product on hand.

Floor Planning - Floor Planning is used to determine the store selling space compared to merchandised planograms and strategic financial goals. Floor Planning can help maintain store floorplan accuracy as well as increasing store productivity. Floor planning will allow you to create and maintain store-specific plans that enable you to maximize the position, performance and layout of product categories on new and existing store floors.

Shelf Assortment - With a direct link to Space Planning by Intactix, Shelf Assortment bridges the gap between strategic and tactical assortment decisions. While current best practices focus on strategic assortment decisions, you must make tactical decisions based on an understanding of available space and business needs. Shelf Assortment helps you create a master planogram that can be replicated in multiple versions as required, taking into consideration space limitations and efficiencies in addition to your inventory and merchandising requirements.

Efficient Item Assortment - Efficient Item Assortment is a strategic knowledge-delivery solution that follows the industry’s best practice EIA procedure to streamline the analysis and decision making process inherent to category management. Within a category planning environment, Efficient Item Assortment enables you and your trading partners to join forces and exploit your competitive advantages by optimizing product decisions and fueling category growth.

Knowledge Base - The industry-unique Intactix Knowledge Base (IKB) supports the business processes surrounding category management and provides the details necessary to drive planograms and fact-based product assortments and store clusters. Without requiring extensive customization, your system can be quickly installed and configured to supply the broad business content that you need to react to your space and assortment management challenges.

You can manage planograms, fixtures, floorplans, store and merchandise data, product dimensions, attributes and performance data with IKB’s powerful relational database environment. Plus, planogram exchange management and object-level access rules support collaboration between users in different organizations, enabling them to share and manage planograms. Trading partners can exchange, view and modify planograms while keeping original data elements intact.

Space Automation - Using a business-level scripting tool, JDA makes it possible to automate day-to-day activities performed within Space Planning, Floor Planning and Intactix Knowledge Base. Space Automation uses the same terminology as other space management applications making scripting easy to transfer or learn and understand. Combine tasks to eliminate errors, repetition and ensure data consistency. You can even perform large-scale batch processing and complete tasks while not at your computer.