Toshiba Hardware

Maximizing a Point-of-Sale solution requires the right hardware. RPE is a Certified Toshiba Retail Store Solutions Business Partner with experience and expertise in both hardware and software.  We work with retailers to evaluate what is required in a POS solution to ensure the best performance and reliability to deliver an enhanced customer experience while increasing operation and employee productivity.

Modern Technology 
Toshiba Point-of-Sale hardware is designed for large to small retailers looking for improved performance, scalability and adaptability. When fast and accurate transactions are need to enhance customer service and improve operations, retailers turn to Toshiba.

SurePOS 700 Series 
This leading retail POS solution provides maximum performance, manageability and adaptability for retailers desiring to create a highly differentiated and customer-centric enterprise.

SurePOS 500 Series
Combining style and performance, SurePOS 500 has touchscreen technology for a point-of-sale tool to improve functionality while enhancing the consumer in-store experience.

SurePOS 300 Series
The SurePOS 300 Series is the affordable POS system for mid sized retailers designed to enhance the customer experience, increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency.

TCxFlight Mobile
This mobile hybrid solution can serve multiple functions and is configured to be used as a fixed POS station and as a mobile solution as needed.

This solutions can work in just about all stores developed to provided retailers the choice to use one platform for many purposes throughout the enterprise.