Toshiba’s unmatched Point-of-Sale market leadership together with RPE’s retail systems expertise is a winning combination to help stores increase sales and reduce costs. As a Certified Toshiba Retail Store Solutions Business Partner, RPE can provide all the necessary steps for your POS store solution. We’ll help you make the right decision when it comes to hardware, software and services.

  • Maximize performance, manageability and reliability
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Increase employee productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Utilize existing software or migrate to new solutions


Powerful Performance and Growth Capabilities
Each of the Toshiba POS systems offer unique features while providing scalable designs that help retailers operate efficiently as the business grows.

Innovative Technology 
The Toshiba POS solutions are for retailers of all sizes who demand maximum performance and adaptability. Retailers meet consumer demands for fast, accurate transactions with systems designed to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

SurePOS 700 Series
The SurePOS 700 is the industry’s premier point of sale solution for retailers who demand maximum performance, manageability, and adaptability to transform their business to a highly differentiated and customer-focused enterprise. Unique features help reduce solution cost and complexity while providing a scalable design to enable retailers to operate an efficient and resilient business.

SurePOS 500 Series
The ideal combination of style and performance. SurePOS 500 with advanced touchscreen technology provides the ultimate retail-optimized point-of-sale tools to provide powerful functions to energize the customer experience.

SurePOS 300 Series
The right choice for cost-effective retailing. The SurePOS 300 Series is the affordable, planet-friendly point-of-sale solution for mid-market retailers who want to enhance the customer experience, increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency. With the smallest footprint in the portfolio, this POS has the versatility and performance retail demands. Breakthrough energy efficient technology and retail systems management help create a sustainable “green” business and reduce costs.

TCxFlight Mobile
The Toshiba TCxFlight Point of Commerce Solution is a mobile hybrid solution with the power and flexibility to serve in a variety of roles. TCxFlight is designed to bring retailers new value with a fresh approach to traditional mission-critical operations such as point-of-sale, customer kiosk and store ops typically performed on a fixed workstation. As a mobile hybrid solution, TCxFlight is designed to excel both as a fixed function station, and as a mobile solution on demand.

A unique design and functionality fits virtually every store setting, it’s new breed of retail system created to give retailers the freedom to use one platform for multiple purposes throughout the store.