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Why update your IT systems hardware?

Upgrading hardware is often more cost effective than maintaining older platforms. At RPE, we regularly perform evaluations of aging IT systems for our clients, a service we provide in order to assess the best ways to cut costs and increase performance. With growing frequency, we’ve found ourselves assisting organizations in resolving issues relating to outdated hardware systems that negatively affect the functioning of IT systems far more than most would expect. Read on to find out more about the benefits of updating your IT systems hardware!

Lower operational and maintenance costs

IT systems hardware can be viewed much like a car or expensive household appliance; while there’s certainly a period of time where your new vehicle is worth repairing in order to keep it running smoothly, there comes a point where maintenance costs and reduced performance makes it worthwhile to evaluate making a new purchase. Fearing the perceived difficulty of switching systems, many organizations will nonetheless pump money into old hardware incurring ongoing and increasing maintenance costs, when in reality it would be far more cost-effective to switch to a newer system that has more processing power and lower maintenance costs. With RPE, purchasing and switching to a new hardware system doesn’t need to be difficult – as a retail consulting firm, one of the services we offer is seamlessly replacing your old hardware without incurring a gap in operations, while maintaining the integrity of your software and bringing you a more cost efficient platform for today’s operations as well as for future growth.

Increase security

While it’s normally software that is associated with vulnerabilities that allow for attacks on sensitive data, keeping your hardware updated is increasingly important in preventing security breaches as well. Even businesses that are careful to keep their software up-to-date can fall prey to compromised security, if their hardware is too antiquated. We can help you update your hardware to better protect your business and customers, as well as meet regulatory compliance standards.

Improve performance and processing power

If you’ve ever switched from a very outdated computer or phone to a brand-new model (which most of us have), you’re familiar with experiencing some degree of surprise at how much faster your new technology runs – and how accustomed to the old, with its lag times and slow processing, you had become. While your current IT systems hardware may seem to provide adequate performance, chances are high that, if you haven’t updated it in quite some time, your business is missing out on drastically improved performance and processing speeds.

Rely on RPE to assist you in the selection, configuration, installation and management of your IT systems hardware.