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Is Your Retail POS System Outdated? Attend the Upcoming RPE Webinar to Find a Solution.

Does your POS system lack important features, create inefficiency in service or cause issues due to poor cross-channel data flow? Many businesses find themselves attached to their “legacy” POS systems due to a familiarity with the interface and process, assuming that occasional plugin updates will sufficiently update their software.

The truth, however, is that while it’s tempting to stay with what you already know, modernized POS systems are light-years ahead of their antique predecessors in basic IT architecture, limiting security risks, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction and streamlining multiple systems, such as online, mobile and store operations. Failing to upgrade to a new system can effectively hand business to competitors, who have likely already taken the necessary steps to improving their overall speed and efficiency of service through a modern POS system.

Retailers across the nation are invited to rip off the POS Band-Aids and maximize sales by attending our upcoming instructional webinar, created with the aim of helping retailers in a variety of verticals know if their POS system requires an upgrade, as well as learn how to decide on the best POS system for them.

When: September 24, 2015, at 2:00 P.M. (EST)

How to Attend: Register through our simple form and follow the link provided.

Who: Featured panelists during this event will include industry experts Sahir Anand (VP Research and Principal Analyst, EKN Research), Steven Quon (VP of Sales & Marketing, Jesta I.S.), and Rob Henneke (Executive Vice President, RPE Solutions). Joe Skorupa of RIS News will moderate the discussion.

Along with helping business owners decide if they need a new system, other topics examined during the webinar will include:

  • The importance of POS Systems – why brick-and-mortar businesses aren’t going anywhere, even in the digital age.
  • The benefits of upgrading your POS system – why change?
  • Retrofitting a system vs. total replacement; why are “quick-fix” solutions a Band-Aid approach?
  • What are the risks of keeping your legacy retail store systems, and how will newer versions eliminate these issues?
  • What will POS systems of the future look like, and how can businesses stay on top of new trends while minimizing their IT-related costs?