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Does it Matter Which Merchandise Management System You Use?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.

As a retailer, you know the challenges of navigating the marketplace. Merchandise management systems are there to help streamline the process of operating your business effectively, but if you utilize a less-sophisticated solution, is it truly aiding you?

Not to its full potential.

An effective merchandising system increases sales and cash flow for retailers by helping them do all the right things—like purchasing the right products for the right stores for the right price—at the right time.

JDA Merchandise Management System (JDA MMS) is a trusted merchandise management system that has been the backbone for many retailers over the years and continues to serve as a leading merchandising solution.

Here’s why many retailers use JDA MMS:

It helps you adapt to a constantly changing marketplace

This is integral. You know well that if you don’t ride the waves of the marketplace, others will grab at the opportunity. The environment you operate within is always changing. Trends shift, competitors are born and die, economies change, and you’re expected to adapt. JDA MMS helps you adapt to an ever-moving retail marketplace, allowing you to swiftly act upon those changes and optimize overall success.

Features in the application

Visit the RPE webpage on JDA’s merchandise management system for a full list of application features, and take a look at this snippet below:

Allocation and Replenishment – Retailers often select JDA Allocation and JDA Replenishment to assist in merchandise allocation. These solutions are sold separately but can be integrated with JDA MMS.

Inventory Control and Procurement – Create POs, complete basic merchandise allocation and meticulously audit activity. All of the data related to your inventory can be fed to and monitored from JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis, allowing you to react to changes in the market as needed.

Buyer’s Workbench – Through a number of functions manage your purchasing and receiving. Track combined or individual sales through a simple, seamless format.

Financial Control – Manage your general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable through a sensible and basic, yet powerful format.

Merchandise management systems play a crucial role in the success of a retail business. But because we understand retail, our focus is to offer you the right services and solutions, saving you headaches and hurdles down the road.