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What’s the status of your company’s POS?

Retail point of sale software is one of the most vital solutions in the industry today. For retailers, POS plays a critical role in their abilities to stay ahead of the competition, maintain customer loyalty and increase sales and productivity. In a time when vendors are sunsetting software, or selling POS solutions to impersonal third parties, many retailers have come to a crossroads with their systems.

Here are 10 questions that you can ask yourself to quickly assess your retail POS software:
1. Does it include mobile point of sale software?
2. Does it run on today’s multi-processor hardware?
3. Do you receive real time information?
4. Does it run on the newest OS?
5. Does it meet all compliance requirements?
6. Are you getting value for the support fees you pay annually?
7. Are you satisfied with the support from your software vendor?
8. Are you sure of the future roadmap of the application?
9. Are you confident that the provider will not sunset your software?
10. Does your provider ensure that it won’t be sold to an unknown third party?
If you answered “no” to several of these questions, there are gaps in your company’s retail point of sale software. Maybe it’s time you look at a new POS and mobile POS solution.
You can’t afford not to update your POS with a modern and robust solution; one that thrives in today’s customer-centric retail landscape.

Stay Ahead of the Game
Don’t lag behind your competitors. Equip your stores with a scalable, flexible and secure POS system that runs on multiple platforms and supports all of today’s functionality. Today’s end-to-end POS software handles complex transactions and complies with mandatory regulations. Employee performance and management productivity is increased along with sales, margins and profitability. Lost sales, cashier errors, wait times and shrink are decreased. Key functionalities of modern POS systems include:
• Real time interactions
• Multiple currencies
• Multiple languages
Clienteling and CRM
• Mobile POS
• Kiosks
• Returns management

A supply-driven to demand-driven world
As retailers of all sizes move beyond outdated legacy systems, endless possibilities await. With the shift in consumer behavior, legacy systems can no longer meet customer expectations. Companies are seeking new and improved methods by investing in more functionally rich, configurable and integrated platforms. As the industry moves from a supply-driven mode to a demand-driven one, stores equipped with the right retail POS software designed with the customer in mind will have the advantage.