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CIO Review Magazine Interview Recap

It’s no news to IT executives that CIO Review is steadfastly becoming a leading publication in the industry by exhibiting an acute understanding of all that is relevant in technology. Thus, it came as no surprise to RPE Solutions and our first-rate retail consulting services that we were asked to participate in a feature interview for the latest edition of the magazine.

The interview can be read in full here.  Here are some key points to support the interview with CIO Review:

Retail Technology Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge with operating in today’s retail sphere is keeping up with the demands of customers. They have access to mass information and can shop anywhere at any time – thanks to the advent of tablet and mobile devices. In many cases, retailers are lagging behind customer expectations with yesterday’s systems that don’t meet the demands of today’s customers. We assist our clients in transitioning smoothly to modern and profitable United Commerce platforms. The goal is to make those transitions as easy and as painless as possible.

Trends & Projections

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the next two decades will see more change in the retail marketplace than the last 100 years. We’re in an era that favors disruption and constant change, especially in retail and technology.

  • Retailers are now designing and sourcing their own products
  • Conversely, manufacturers have also become retailers
  • E-commerce retailers are gaining strength and opening brick-and-mortar stores

Retails must embrace this disruptive change. Some of the most important areas of focus in the years ahead will be around Unified Commerce where all parties involved share real time data. Optimizing customer analytics across channels, eliminating siloed organizations, enhancing data quality and properly identifying customers across shipping trips are all important elements of a Unified Commerce strategy.

The Value of Customized Consulting Services

One size most certainly does not fit all. Thus, when it comes down to the nuances of transitioning into updated software and hardware to support Unified Commerce, it’s integral that retailers work with qualified consultants to see their projects through successfully. We collaborate with our clients to help them:

  • Address inefficient processes
  • Identify organizational road blocks
  • Hone in on the most important aspects of their business and customers
  • Evaluate every piece of the puzzle to complete the big picture
  • Identify relevant software solutions to address their specific needs

If you’re interested in more detailed information about our thoughts on the changing retail landscape, we encourage you to check out our full interview with CIO Review.

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