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The Importance of Testing Your Company’s Backup & Data Recovery Plan

RPE offers a wide range of cloud data backup and recovery services to retailers across North America. Retail businesses are vulnerable to a variety of potential disasters — whether due to hardware failure, a natural catastrophe, human error, or even intentional interference — so it’s important to have a plan in place that will help minimize any negative impact on operations, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Not only does RPE help businesses develop and implement backup and data recovery plans, but we can also help your company test those plans.

It’s recommended that clients test their backup and data recovery plans on an annual basis. Annual testing allows your team to identify and resolve any potential obstacles ahead of time so that you’ll be in the best possible position should a real disaster ever occur. It helps your company evaluate the reliability of standby systems, address unexpected challenges, identify ways to improve communication, and minimize how long it will take to complete a restoration.

Man standing inside a Backup and Data Recovery data center

What Does Backup & Data Recovery Testing Entail?

Your company’s backup and data recovery plan will provide step-by-step directions for what needs to be done before, during, and after a disaster to recover and protect your IT infrastructure. Testing involves executing that plan in a controlled environment. You’ll begin the testing process by sending your team an e-mail that describes the type of emergency you’re facing, outlines the next steps to take, and states when the next update will be provided (usually every two to four hours). You’ll then have to provide periodic updates on the recovery process as tasks are completed.

Your team will need to document every obstacle they encounter, even if they’re unable to resolve them at the time, so that you can address those issues after testing and update your backup and data recovery plan as needed. Once testing is complete, everyone involved in the process will need to meet and review what went well and what did not go as planned. It’s important to view any roadblocks with a positive mindset, since the whole purpose of testing is to work through worst-case scenarios now rather than later.

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