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Case Studies

Case Study: Allocation Upgrade – Improving a Solution Investment
Retailers rely on JDA Allocation as their core solution to identify the ideal mix to deliver merchandise as efficiently as possible to ensure customer satisfaction across all channels. This case study explores the JDA Allocation upgrade process for a specialty retailer to provide new functionality and added training to maximize the JDA Allocation application.

Case Study: Creating an Omni-channel Shopping Experience at vineyard vines
To keep pace with rapid sales growth and the opening of new stores, vineyard vines needed to implement an IT platform throughout its portfolio of stores to replace a homegrown legacy system that lacked the functionality to foster new store growth.

Case Study: RPE Implements Common Solutions Across Multiple Brands
A major lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories retailer operated independently with similar allocation processes but on varying legacy systems. RPE implemented JDA Allocation as a common solutions across these lifestyle and accessory brands in conjunction with JDA Enterprise Planning.