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DOM, PLM, DC, BI & Mobile

Additional applications such as PLM software and distributed order Management (Dom) are critical for today’s retailer. These modules in the Vision Suite easily support complex business processes for a true omni channel retail software solution. These include:

  • Jesta I.S. Product Lifecycle Management – PLM
  • Jesta I.S. Distributed Order Management – DOM
  • Jesta I.S. DC
  • Jesta I.S. Mobile
  • Jesta I.S. Financials
  • Jesta I.S. Business Intelligence BI

Vision PLM
Product Lifecycle Management helps you gain quick access to multi-line planning with flexible, configurable and easy-to-use settings. PLM software is instinctive, collaborative, visual and organized to track the entire workflow. The right PLM software helps transform how you do business to accelerate product development and reduce costs. Bring your planners, designers and suppliers teams together along with your sourcing and production teams with PLM stoftware to provide improved collaboration.

Vision Distributed Order Management – DOM
This web order fulfillment system integrates with the existing e-commerce platform. With Jesta I.S. DOM, you have real-time order visibility into order status and fulfillment. Distributed Order Management software helps deliver a true omni channel experience for your customers where they can order on-line or in-store as it does not matter where the product is physically located.

Vision DC
Never let your inventory go stale. Vision Distribution Center (DC) software manages and optimizes the flow of goods with wave picking within an organization’s distribution centers. Wholesale, retail, store, and consumer-direct web orders are fulfilled with the Mobile application to efficiently move merchandise through the DC and sales channels. Vision DC Mobile facilitates pick, pack, and shipping processes at the unit or carton level, increasing the ability to process orders.

Vision Mobile
Jesta I.S. delivers an omni-mobile software solution that supports PLM software, Sourcing and Demand, Web Order Management, Reporting, Point of Sale, Clienteling, and enterprise-wide alerts and notifications. With the freedom of the Jesta I.S. Vision Mobile Suite, expand your traditional workplace and become empowered to make informed and proactive decisions.

Vision Financials
Vision Financials allows enterprises to achieve sound and efficient financial management. The application is integrated throughout the entire Vision Suite and supports multiple brands and sub-brands within one organization and retail merchandising system.

Manage finances, invoice customers, pay bills and control inventory. Accounts Payable provides three-way invoice matching. Accounts Receivable facilitates collection and offers instant access to customer account information. General Ledger creates a chart of accounts that are aligned with the organizational structure. Real-time reporting drills down into financial data in user-friendly formats.

Vision Business Intelligence
Vision BI delivers a suite of software solutions that gather, present, and analyze the large volumes of transactional and analytical data flowing through today’s omni-channel retail environments.

It contains industry-leading business intelligence, role-based dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting capability. Our embedded analytics system combines all of these critical business information needs and more, into a single data analysis, rules-based, and exception-management processing engine.