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Five Reasons Why Retailers Need the Cloud

Cloud support, security and affordability are now more feasible than ever for retailers, thanks to its low-cost dependability. As a cloud hosting provider, many of our clients are choosing to deploy their hardware, software and support services through cloud networks. RPE has identified five important ways that retailers are benefiting from the cloud.

  1. Solving Common IT Challenges

Some of the most challenging aspects of IT involve a lack of flexibility, capacity and support. Delivery through the cloud means your business initiatives will never be jeopardized by IT struggles. These are the specific benefits of cloud hosting, all of which will help relieve some of the most common IT headaches:

  • Flexible Processing: Elasticity to up or down processing amounts as your usage needs change.
  • Scalability: What you need, when you need it. No overbuying “just to be sure.”
  • Load Bursting: When you have a sudden increase in processing loads, the cloud will handle it without delay.
  • CPU/Storage: On demand capacity.
  • Data Center Support: Expert personnel will leave you feeling like you have an in-house IT department.
  • Fast Recovery, Minimal Downtime: Advanced monitoring to prevent, and quickly react to, potential problems.
  1. Disaster and Recovery Services

If a disaster should strike, whether through an act of nature or an accident, you must minimize service disruptions and loss of data. Through cloud-based data centers staffed by IT professionals, businesses have access to an immediate high availability architecture. In the event of a mishap, a cloud service provided will ensure full data recovery, and they’ll do it far faster than an in-house IT department.

  1. Managed Support at All Times

24/7/365 you’ll have access to IT support. Many companies that want to enhance their IT departments rely on cloud hosting and systems management services., because it allows them to have professional and affordable assistance on-hand, not matter when needed. With managed support, you’ll have:

  • Monitoring around the clock
  • System security/administration
  • Performance monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Backup/recovery management
  • Network and VPN management
  • Application management
  • Capacity planning
  • Change management
  • SLA-enforced fast response time
  1. Customized Services

No two businesses are alike, so the one size fits all approach taken by some hosting services is not how RPE approaches a project. Your cloud services are designed specific to your company’s needs, so you won’t have to “tier up” and pay for more service than you’ll ever use. Managed support will also consult you on solution optimization. Many RPE clients rely on RPE to host and manage software solutions including JDA software and other leading solutions.

  1. Sensible Costing

Costs are predictable because they’re fixed and affordable. Billing is transparent, so surprise charges are nonexistent. Services and fees are agreed upon and included in your fixed monthly rate! Costs can be budgeted with no upfront capital expenditures.

Touch base with us today and we’ll discuss the best cloud hosting and systems management services to meet your business needs. Learn more with this informative white paper.