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Considering Ecommerce Integration? RPE Provides Integrated Solutions for Retailers in the United States and Canada

In this day and age, more and more customers are doing their shopping online. Although this offers many advantages for retail businesses, without ecommerce integration, online sales can make it difficult to accurately manage volume and fulfill customer orders. Fortunately, RPE solves this issue by providing integrated solutions for retailers across North America. By integrating a retail business’s ecommerce system with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems, we help retailers’ managed data to seamlessly flow back and forth, providing a wide range of benefits for the business and their customers.

Benefits for Retail Businesses

When a retail business separately operates their ecommerce, ERP, and POS systems, their associates may need to manually enter the same data into each system. In addition to being extremely inefficient, this increases the risk of incorrect data, which can lead to issues with customer orders. With ecommerce integration, however, associates only need to enter data once for it to be automatically updated throughout all channels, thereby saving time and increasing productivity and accuracy. Plus, if a retail business opts to add another sales channel in the future, ecommerce integration allows them to easily and efficiently do so.

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Benefits for Customers

The benefits that ecommerce integration provides to retailers in turn translate to benefits for the customers themselves. For example, if a retail business isn’t updating their systems after each sale, there’s a good chance that the inventory count displayed on their website will be incorrect, which can result in delayed or unfulfilled orders. But, with ecommerce integration, customers will know whether a business is currently out of a particular product, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

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