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Integration & Interfaces

Implementations can be challenging. The volume of tasks is often substantial and complex. Assembling and managing a project team is demanding. This requires extraordinary experience, foresight, management skills and depth in retail practices. Superior skills in analysis, planning, issues management and reporting are also critical.

Retail software involves more than just a single application. The best solution is a suite of applications linked together through integration and interfaces best suited for your business.

Too often it is assumed that the best solution is to select one vendor as a provider. There will always be some form of interface or integration with other applications.

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RPE’s Approach
A well designed and fully integrated system should be seamless and transparent to the users. Data must be cleansed prior to entering another system. Multiple data manipulation, transformation and load techniques are typically employed. Timing issues are addressed as either integrated systems (systems that interact dynamically) or interfaced systems (systems that pass data on a periodic basis).

RPE works with the vendor to achieve these goals, but is not dependent on the vendor. RPE has the talent to develop the interfaces and will work with internal resources to meet or exceed the requirements. The results are competently conceived and designed interfaces, properly developed to be both effective and efficient.