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JDA Allocation Enhancements to Improve Efficiencies

JDA Allocation is a core application for RPE and our allocation team has completed numerous implementations and upgrades. While there is always new functionality and features introduced in each release of JDA Allocation, we understand every retailer has unique challenges. RPE’s technical and function team works with clients to identify any special enhancements required and have developed utilities to address. Since other retailers may be experiencing the same challenges and could benefit from these utilities, here are two of the most requested enhancements to better facilitate the allocation role.

Store Eligibility Enhancement

Retail organizations spend time and effort to tailor their product assortments by store. JDA Allocation does not automatically tie these assortment choices to these stores. This can make sending allocations of the right product to the right doors a time intensive process for the allocator.

RPE has developed a Store Eligibility Enhancement that can automate this connection. When a style or a sku is selected from the worklist, the system will know which stores are appropriate for the allocation. Now the analyst won’t have to remember to not send parkas to the Miami stores every time they enter the system to allocate. The system will remember for them.

Case Quantity/Pallet Rounded Allocations

Some organizations want to ensure their allocations are completed in full carton quantities. It can be costly and confusing to have loose items rolling around the DC. As a goal for warehouse efficiency, it can be useful to ensure that allocations are completed in full carton quantities.

JDA Allocation is also used by some to generate purchase orders. But vendors have requirements on their orders. Whether those are pallet or carton quantities, the orders must be rounded appropriately.

In either scenario, it can be difficult and time consuming to round quantities in Allocation to pallet or full case. RPE has created a tool that will help meet these requirements by evaluating the absolute “need” and rounding it to a larger level—either by store or by sku. The rounding mechanism will use the priorities the allocator assigns to add or subtract product to meet these rounding requirements, ensuring the final result meets business needs, even if run through Auto Allocation.

RPE has developed several utilities around JDA Allocation. See our complete list of applications to enhance functionality. Let us know if we can assist you in making your JDA Allocation more efficient.