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JDA Allocation Software Helps Retailers Streamline the Merchandising Planning and Allocation Process

JDA Allocation software helps retailers efficiently create and execute allocation plans. This trusted merchandise allocation solution from Blue Yonder, available from retail consulting firm RPE, helps businesses optimize their inventory so that they have the correct product mix available at the correct time, leading to increased profits and greater customer satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art Functionality

Because effective allocation requires a thorough understanding of consumer trends, it’s critical that allocation software incorporates customer insights. JDA Allocation software accomplishes exactly that, plus much more. This innovative merchandise allocation system allows retailers to calculate and execute allocation plans based on sales history, on-hand quantities, and assortment plans. Businesses can also test strategies for retail allocations prior to execution using JDA’s robust “what-if” analysis. And, in order to streamline the merchandise allocation process even further, JDA Allocation software allows users to save allocation methods so they can perform the same methodologies in the future with just one click. Retailers can even schedule merchandise to be automatically allocated at set times using established methods.

People looking in store window for example of how JDA Allocation from Blue Yonder optimizes inventory

At RPE, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible return on their investment. That’s why we’ve developed a collection of utilities that provide even more functionality within the JDA Allocation software solution. Our store eligibility enhancement tool, for instance, allows users to tie specific stores to assortments so that they don’t need to manually remove certain stores from an allocation. And, our automatic allocation tool enables users to group styles by product hierarchy before sending out requests, resulting in a more efficient and better organized system.

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To learn more about JDA Allocation software and the impact it can have on your business’s merchandise planning and allocation process, contact RPE today. And, if you’d like to start taking advantage of this allocation solution as soon as possible, be sure to ask about our quick implementation package. JDA Software is now Blue Yonder and RPE continues to be a valued business partner for services and software.