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Retail Business Intelligence Solutions Help Retailers Make Informed Decisions & Gain a Competitive Edge

Are you searching for a way to optimize the decision-making process using valuable data you are already collecting? If so, you’ll want to consider implementing retail business intelligence solutions such as Business Analysis for Merchandise Management Systems (MMS) and Business Analysis for Portfolio Merchandise Management (PMM). These innovative solutions help retailers find, explore, and share business insights so that they can make data-driven decisions that will increase profitability. RPE — a leading retail consulting firm — implements Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software) business intelligence solutions at retail businesses throughout North America.

Laptop screen shot showing how to use Retail Business Intelligence

State-of-the-Art Retail Business Intelligence

The Business Analysis for MMS and PMM solutions provide retailers with all the tools they need to solve challenges and improve bottom-line results based on accurate, up-to-date information. With these retail business intelligence solutions in place, retailers can:

  • Understand performance levels across all operations
  • Efficiently check the business status by consolidating data from multiple systems
  • Access data in real time, without having to wait for batch data
  • Combine data sources
  • Determine the status and position of all inventory, orders, and shipments using a single dashboard
  • Create and distribute reports using various formats

An added benefit of these Blue Yonder business intelligence solutions is their incredible versatility. Users can access data whenever they need it, from wherever they are. And, whether they’re using a web browser or a mobile device, they can expect a consistent web-based experience with a modern, intuitive user interface. With scheduling and alerts built into the software, users can even set up automated reporting for maximum efficiency.

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If you’d like to learn more about Business Analysis for MMS and Business Analysis for PMM from Blue Yonder and the benefits these retail business intelligence solutions offer for your business, contact RPE today.