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Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning Software Helps Retailers Increase Revenue & Improve Inventory

Are you searching for a tool that will help your retail business align product selection with demonstrated consumer needs? If so, consider investing in Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning software, a state-of-the-art solution implemented by the retail consulting experts at RPE. Blue Yonder assortment planning software helps retailers select a product mix that will generate sales, as well as quantities that will satisfy demand without producing excess inventory.

Benefits Offered by Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning Software

Retail assortment planning can be complicated. While a too-narrow merchandise assortment can drive customers to competitors offering more variety, an overly diverse mix can create confusion and lead to excess inventory and mark downs. As such, in today’s consumer-driven market, it’s important for businesses to implement product assortment solutions that will eliminate any guesswork and help make smarter retail planning decisions.

How JDA Enterprise Planning improves inventory

That’s where Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning software comes in — this user-friendly assortment planning solution links buying decisions to actual consumer profiles, allowing retailers to create targeted, consumer-centric assortment plans that will drive higher sales and margins across all channels. It uses in-depth analytic insights to reveal trends and opportunities, as well as a holistic item lifecycle planning approach that can be applied to all types of merchandise. And, it also offers automatic in-season reforecasting to ensure maximum responsiveness.

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If you’d like to learn more about how implementing Blue Yonder assortment planning software could benefit your retail business, contact RPE today. We’ve been serving the retail industry since 1999, and we’re proud to be a Blue Yonder business partner.