Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning Software for Insightful & Accurate Retail Planning

In today’s retail world, it has become critical that  companies optimize all of their strategic, merchandise, assortment, operational, and resource planning activities across their supply and demand chain through powerful software such as Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software) Enterprise Planning. Without a robust planning solution, businesses may miss opportunities, operate inefficiently, and even work at cross purposes.

Bluer Yonder Enterprise Planning software allows companies to easily tie enterprise-wide strategic plans to the execution of shared goals with a trusted retail planning software solution, helping to produce the most accurate, insightful, coordinated plans possible, while eliminating duplicate data sources, thereby allowing companies to maximize profits and minimize financial risk.

Blue Yonder Planning Features & Benefits

Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning, which can be implemented individually or as part of the Blue Yonder retail Software Suite, includes a variety of features designed to help retailers strategically protect their profit margins.

  • It identifies a business’s common financial objectives for sales, inventory, receipt flow, margin, and other key performance indicators via workflow-driven processes, and seamlessly incorporates statistical sales forecasts and consumer-driven channel clusters while maximizing inventory productivity.
  • The retail planning software also features functionality to dynamically group product, location, and time hierarchy members.
  • Attribute-based planning creates truly consumer-driven plans by consolidating planning and evaluating data by key attributes, both Product and Store.
  • Plus, exception management capabilities highlight specific areas that require analysis, review, or approval, enabling businesses to quickly address issues across every channel, category, and store.

Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning Utilities from RPE

Woman using phone in store showing customer benefits to JDA Enterprise Planning from Blue YonderBlue Yonder Enterprise Planning is a robust solution, but there are times when additional functionality is needed. RPE has created a collection of utilities that provide additional functionality and make Blue Yonder solutions even more effective at addressing planning and allocation challenges. For instance, we’ve developed a tool that enables planners to remain in their plans during submits and approvals. The basic Blue Yonder Planning standalone toolkit requires top-down and bottom-up planners to be out of their plans when approving data to TDPP or BUPP. With our tool, however, top-down and bottom-up planners can remain in their plans while the other planner submits or approves. They can also load the version that’s been submitted or approved so that they can see it reflected in their own plan.

Blue Yonder Planning Upgrade and Health Check

RPE offers a Planning upgrade assessment and Health Check to ensure that the Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning application continues to function at maximum efficiency. Is your system configured appropriately? Do you have access to all the data you need to make your plans? Do your planners understand the process and the tools at their disposal? We will evaluate all of these factors, develop a detailed recommendation for improvement, and provide you with the feedback you need to understand system and process effectiveness.

Why Choose RPE Solutions and Blue Yonder

If you’ve decided that Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning is a smart choice for your retail business, there’s no one better to implement it than RPE. We’re a leading retail consulting firm that’s been providing retail systems consulting services and omnichannel retail software solutions to companies across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our strategic and functional consultants have extensive experience with the Blue Yonder Planning solutions, so we can help your business achieve greater data visibility, responsiveness, and synchronization for more accurate planning.

When paired with our extensive experience and commitment to outstanding customer service, Blue Yonder Enterprise Planning provides a solution that is essential in today’s competitive retail landscape. To learn more about how our retail planning software can help your business succeed, please contact RPE today.