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Merchandise Management System (MMS) User Interface Offers Modernization & Mobilization

Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) software leaps forward with a User Interface that transforms green screens into modern, intuitive web pages. The new web-enabled User Interface is now compatible with all previous MMS versions. RPE — a leading retail consulting firm — is the company to turn to for MMS implementations, interfaces, and updates to help accurately align supply and demand, efficiently manage merchandise, and much more. The new web-enabled User Interface of MMS has additional capability for mobile access. This modern, mouse-friendly, functionally-rich User Interface gives MMS a completely new look and feel. It’s customizable, requires no special hardware, and best of all, it’s affordable.

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Three screenshot showing how MMS UI is improved with JDA new user interface

New Features & Benefits

The updated version of the Blue Yonder MMS User Interface offers a modern look and feel, helping to increase employees’ productivity and improve their workflow and decision-making. Here are just some of the features included with the new Blue Yonder MMS User Interface:

  • All menu options and actions can now be clicked, allowing users to directly navigate to any specific functional area, and then to the required function.
  • All key fields now offer auto-fill capability and dropdown lists, where applicable, to increase the speed at which data can be entered.
  • Screens and business decisions requiring multiple selections now include convenient radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • A new, simplified date selector eliminates issues that arose in the past regarding data entry formatting errors.
  • Users can now add images to SKUs, helping them to visualize the items and better understand what they’re maintaining.
  • All list screens now feature dynamic sorting and data export to increase productivity.
  • Users can now embed Google maps, allowing them to visualize where locations exist and better connect to the real-world impact of certain actions.
  • New web-enabled graphical patterns make it easier for users to decipher data and make business decisions.
  • Users can now download reports and print files as PDFs, then forward them through e-mail without the need for any third-party tools, thereby simplifying the sharing process.

Users will experience these features of Blue Yonder MMS (JDA MMS) on mobile device browsers. And, any existing custom screens will automatically be converted to the latest web-enabled screens.

For More Information

If you’d like to learn more about the new Blue Yonder web-enabled User Interface of Merchandise Management System  (MMS) and how it can benefit your retail business, call RPE today.