Implement Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System to Improve Performance & Increase Profits

Merchandise management is the heart of a retailer’s enterprise software. To help a company achieve peak performance, a merchandise management system must be able to adapt to changes across sales channels, provide visibility into inventory position, and empower users to act quickly on market shifts and corporate initiatives. If you’re interested in implementing an advanced retail merchandising system, our knowledgeable retail consultants have extensive experience implementing, managing and hosting Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) at retail businesses throughout the United States and Canada. RPE and Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) are trusted business partner working with retailers on their merchandising and supply chain solutions and services to improvise processes and increase profits.


Improved MMS User Interface

Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) now features a User Interface that transforms green screens into modern, intuitive web pages. The MMS User Interface is now compatible with previous MMS versions.  Join the growing list of MMS users that have successfully deployed the new MMS User Interface to both modernize and make MMS more efficient. The new web-enabled User Interface has additional capability for mobile access. This modern, mouse-friendly, functionally-rich User Interface gives Blue Yonder MMS a completely new look and feel. It’s customizable, requires no special hardware, and best of all, it’s affordable.

Why Blue Yonder MMS?

Blue Yonder MMS is recognized as being one of the most predominant retail merchandising systems addressing purchasing, basic allocations, receiving, transfers, physical inventory, price and cost management, replenishment, and sales processing. This complete and integrated software solution quickly enables retailers to drive sales, margins, and cash flow by getting the right products to the right place at the right time. With Blue Yonder MMS, retailers can reduce markdowns and better target merchandise allocations.Girls shopping as an example of benefits of JDA Merchandise Management System from Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder MMS leverages advanced pricing methods, integrated financial and warehousing capabilities, and customer order management functionality to increase revenues. It offers reliability, accuracy, and a flexible configuration. Plus, it’s scalable for growth. This software’s many robust capabilities include:

  • Reporting/analytics — Blue Yonder MMS consolidates information from multiple systems, improving decision-making processes.
  • Inventory control — By allowing retailers to align supply with consumer demand, Blue Yonder MMS helps them maintain the lowest possible inventory investment while still satisfying the needs of customers. It minimizes inventory distortion based on an analysis of customer buying behavior.
  • Purchase order management — This software accurately and efficiently manages rebates and allowances. Thanks to bulk purchase orders and multi-drop purchase orders with multi-currency support, retailers can increase their productivity.
  • Item management — With a system that supports styles and SKUs, Blue Yonder MMS helps retailers maintain a profitable mix of products. It also allows for multiple vendors per item, helping to increase efficiency.
  • Price and cost management — Blue Yonder MMS uses comparative pricing, reduced return rates, and fewer repricing events to increase revenue and margins. It provides support for a variety of pricing strategies across channels and in each store.
  • Replenishment — By optimizing safety stock, creating optimal order quantities, and integrating promotion buying, retailers can reduce inventory and increase turnover. Plus, more accurate inventory forecasts allow retailers to recover lost sales and reduce their lead time.
  • General ledger — Blue Yonder MMS is designed for flexibility, allowing it to support specific needs and requirements. Retailers can easily and accurately upload journal entries from spreadsheets.
  • Accounts payable — This software delivers improved matching capabilities. By using multiple term codes per vendor, it’s able to expedite processing.
  • Warehouse management — Blue Yonder MMS maximizes the value of a distribution center to offer the greatest possible return. Retailers can plan, manage, and track how merchandise is stored and moved across warehouses and distribution centers to improve operations.

An added benefit is that Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) has the option of operating on the cloud, allowing companies to efficiently access data anytime, from anywhere. When retailers deploy a cloud-based infrastructure, they eliminate the need to staff an IT department, keep up with constant upgrades, and worry about regulatory compliance and security safeguards. They can also rest easy knowing that the system will continue supporting core business and merchandising operations well into the future. Plus, retailers that deploy on the cloud often achieve a significantly faster return on investment when compared to companies that use traditional, on-premise deployments.

Why Choose RPE to Implement MMS?

RPE is the best choice to implement MMS. We’ve been serving North American retailers since 1999, and we understand the importance of fostering omnichannel growth and addressing ever-increasing customer demands. We have extensive experience implementing Blue Yonder MMS, and many of our associates are even former Blue Yonder and JDA employees who worked with this application since its inception.

Contact us for more information. We look forward to helping your company transform the way it does business.