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Blue Yonder Portfolio Merchandise Management to Improve Performance & Increase Revenues

As a Blue Yonder Business Partner, RPE implements, manages and hosts Blue Yonder Portfolio Merchandise Management (PMM). This state-of-the-art merchandise management software helps retailers better align product supply with consumer demand, adapt to changes across sales channels, leverage growth opportunities, and achieve peak operational performance. It’s an open, scalable, and integrated system that supports all retail verticals, and it can assist with:

  • Inventory control and procurement
  • Receiving, allocation, and replenishment
  • Financial management
  • Vendor, price, cost, and promotion management

With Blue Yonder PMM implemented at your retail business, your team will be able to get the right products to the right place at the right time, thereby maximizing profits. One of the benefits of implementing PMM is that it provides you with all of the industry-adopted functionality needed to operate your retail business. Whatever your company’s needs may be, Blue Yonder PMM offers flexibility so the system best works for you.

JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management

PMM Results

Companies using JDA PMM see outcomes that improve business and operational results. This leading retail merchandise management software helps to:

  • Improve workflow management with notifications of important occurrences utilizing a navigation interface that is easy to use.
  • Be more proactive in implementing pricing rules and promotional events for improved pricing and promotions.
  • Avoid unnecessary stock by taking irregular sales peaks into account and confirming sufficient merchandise quantities.

Blue Yonder PMM puts the merchant in control providing synchronized data and timely transactions that integrates information. Merchants can manage ordering, receiving and transfers while also leveraging business analysis capabilities.  More intelligent decisions can be made when merchants are confident the information is current and accurate.

Key benefits help retailers:

  • Support unit level perpetual inventory management.
  • Process millions of transactions per hour and enable a modular implementation for prioritized capabilities.
  • Facilitate exception management linked to key performance indicators.
  • Manage inventory by case quantity, inner packs, inventory units, sell units and weight.
  • Tailor attribute assignments by any characteristic such as fabric and manufacturer.
  • Support vendor-to-store, distribution center-to-store, flow-through and cross-dock distribution.

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Inventory

Being able to react faster to pricing strategies to increase revenues can be better achieved by evaluating and responding to financial data. Blue Yonder PMM enables you to proactively implement pricing based on defined rules such as margin, competitor pricing, vendor initiates, overrides and promotional pricing. Maximizing profits requires an accurate view of product costs. PMM helps reduce costs by providing insight into all cost factors. Vendor product costs, charges and allowances can be reviewed quickly.

This merchandise management software helps maintain the lowest inventory investment while still meeting customer service levels. Product supply is aligned with consumer demand to increase sales, margins and shopping satisfaction. Blue Yonder PMM confirms accurate product quantities including those with unpredictable selling cycles.

Maintaining Blue Yonder PMM

Once the Portfolio Merchandise Management software is implemented, it’s critical that you properly maintain the system so that it remains operating at peak performance. The RPE team specializing in retail merchandising solutions offers retail software consulting and can assist with this optimization process. We can help ensure that your company is making the best possible use of  the PMM system. RPE can perform a Blue Yonder Portfolio Merchandise Management Health Check and provide you with a summary of our findings and recommend how to move forward with optimizing your PMM system.

For More Information on Retail Software Consulting

If you’re interested in implementing Blue Yonder Portfolio Merchandise Management, optimizing an existing PMM system or implementing any other Blue Yonder retail solutions to streamline the merchandising process, contact RPE today to speak to our retail solutions consultants.