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What You Need to Know About Blue Yonder Allocation Implementations

If you’re looking for a way to optimize inventory and provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience, you’ll want to invest in Blue Yonder Advanced Allocation. This state-of-the-art retail allocation software helps businesses create and execute allocation plans that ensure the right products are available at the right time. And, when it comes time for implementation, there’s only one company to choose for the job — RPE. We’re a leading retail consulting firm that’s been serving businesses like yours since 1999, and we’re proud to be a Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) partner.

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Our Efficient Six-Step Implementation Process

Our many years of experience have taught us how to most effectively and efficiently implement retail allocation software systems. Our Blue Yonder Allocation implementation process consists of the following six stages:

  1. Plan — During the planning stage, we create a foundation for the implementation project. We identify activities, pinpoint a timeline, designate business and technical resources, document objectives, assess any timeline risks, and identify required technical environments.
  2. Design — The discovery and design stage involves building upon our project foundation. We confirm the future process state, conduct discovery workshops, document requirements, and obtain committee approval.
  3. Build — During this stage, we review data, configure software in the development and test environments, and prepare for testing activities.
  4. Test — The application testing stage involves assisting with User Acceptance Testing, reviewing any defects, and managing the retesting of any reported defects.
  5. Deploy — During the go-live and deployment stage, we prepare for go-live, train in-house operations resources, conduct a go-live readiness analysis, and transition to support.
  6. Closeout — The last stage of the implementation process involves conducting any activities necessary to complete the project.

Once Blue Yonder Allocation is implemented, but before you transition to ’s Blue Yonder’s Customer Support Services, we’ll ensure that the customer environment is running smoothly and confirm your satisfaction with our work. We can also conduct a post-implementation audit to review all pertinent project documentation, log any outstanding issues, and plan how to resolve those issues.

Our Implementation Team

When you partner with RPE for a Blue Yonder Advanced Allocation implementation, we’ll assign a project manager to provide leadership throughout all of the stages described above. He or she will be responsible for project planning, status reporting, issue resolution, resource coordination, budget review, maintenance, keeping the project on track, and overall quality control. In addition to this project manager, our implementation team will also include:

  • An engagement manager — This person will communicate with executive management regarding strategic business issues, budgets, and quality of delivery.
  • A functional lead — This individual will prepare documentation, provide functional support, and ensure the quality of the product during testing.
  • A technical lead — This person will be responsible for all technical aspects of the implementation, starting with the initial load and configuration of software. He or she will lead the interface and conversion design workshops, resolve technical issues, and answer any technical questions.

For More Information

To learn more about Blue Yonder Allocation and what you can expect during an implementation, contact RPE today.