Blue Yonder Upgrades & Enhancements Increase Return on Investment

Once your retail business has made the investment in Blue Yonder software solutions, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of them. The best way to do so—and to significantly increase your company’s return on investment—is to periodically make any necessary software upgrades and enhancements, especially if you’re working with older versions of Blue Yonder or JDA Software applications.  RPE is a Blue Yonder business partner implementing, servicing, and hosting retail solutions.

Completing a successful business transformation means continually positioning yourself for the future, so it’s important to keep taking the pulse of your supply chain, reviewing what functionality is currently offered, and making any necessary adjustments. By doing so, you can set your company up to achieve desired results and stay ahead of the competition in the years to come.

Many retailers aren’t in a position to perform the evaluations and research needed for an upgrade on their own. Rather than attempting to complete these tasks in-house, it makes more sense to partner with an outside firm that specializes in Blue Yonder software implementations and consulting services.


Partner With Our Experienced Consultants

Fortunately, your team can turn to RPE—a trusted Blue Yonder implementation and consulting partner—for assistance with upgrades and enhancements. We’ve been implementing, managing, and hosting  retail systems since our company was founded in 1999, and some of our team members even worked for Blue Yonder in the past.

Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of Blue Yonder software solutions and are uniquely qualified to define your company’s roadmap for transformation. We can help your company set the stage for success by:

  • Eliminating functional silos
  • Redefining performance metrics
  • Overcoming IT challenges
  • Updating key processes
  • Improving how data is used

If you’re concerned that it will be difficult to update your solutions because you’ve incorporated numerous modifications since the original implementation, you’ll be glad to know that we can upgrade even the most heavily modified systems. Indeed, cleaning up outdated business processes that made those modifications necessary is a key part of the upgrade process.

What You Can Expect From RPE

When you partner with RPE for Blue Yonder upgrades and enhancements, we will determine which steps need to be taken to ensure your team continues receiving the service and support they require. First, our skilled consultants will identify any areas where your supply chain is underperforming. We can provide a functional review, a technical review, a combination of both, or a customized approach based on your company’s specific needs.Sportswear displays showing how JDA upgrades and enhancements can increase return on investment.

Next, we will define opportunities that can set the stage for dramatic transformation and market leadership. Based on this in-depth analysis, we will recommend a new course of action that supports your top-level strategy using leading-edge technology solutions, upgrades, and proven best practices.

Get Started Today

Let us support your company in achieving improved results with ongoing post-implementation involvement, including JDA upgrades and enhancements as well as Blue Yonder training. Our consultants can provide dedicated resources and supply chain expertise that will help your business maintain momentum long after the initial Blue Yonder implementation. Contact RPE today to schedule a consultation.