Each retailer requires a unique upgrade strategy. If you have older versions of JDA applications, RPE can help you determine the upgrades and enhancements to ensure you receive the necessary service and support required. Let RPE help you develop an upgrade strategy to answer your specific questions!

Q: How does an upgrade complement my 1, 3 and 5 year strategic plan?

A: Advanced pricing, aggressive omni-channel initiatives, real-time mobile POS – they all point back directly to overall company strategy. A review of the most current functionality is important for you to understand how the software has kept other retailers out in front of their peers and how you can position your company to achieve results in the years to come.

Q: How much could an upgrade really cost?

A: Why guess? This is what we do. A simple evaluation puts you on the path toward proper budgeting. Upgrades don’t have to be complex or confusing. RPE will let you know the best options to overcome IT challenges and improve processes.

Q: We’re so modified, can we really upgrade?

A: Absolutely! How many of those mods are still used today? No better time to clean up the outdated business processes (which caused all those mods) that were used 10 or 15 years ago.

Q: We don’t have the staff to do the necessary research – who can help?

A: RPE has been implementing, managing and hosting JDA systems since our company was founded 13 years ago. We’ve focused on assembling the most JDA-knowledgeable team to support JDA customers. RPE can provide a functional review, technical review, combination or customized approach based on your specific needs.

Q: Does your pricing strategy match between merchandising and POS, Web, etc. and how can an upgrade help?

A: Core merchandising systems and POS systems don’t always match from a functionality perspective. To provide customers with the shopping experience they deserve and to be customer centric in your pricing strategy, application upgrades can help.

Q: Will an upgrade improve my planning, replenishment, warehouse, financial systems?

A: There’s no better time to review the entire business process then during an upgrade evaluation for better data, better foundation, better processes and better control.

Q: My business has changed. I’m not sure if my processes, system configurations, or original decisions make sense any longer. What can I do?

A: Let RPE take a look. While an evaluation might revolve around a software upgrade, you can’t overlook the fact that your business has changed over the years – you need to adapt. Most retailers don’t have the bandwidth to allocate precious resources to evaluate what’s really going on from an application perspective, and you can better spend your time and dollars by working with experienced, retail focused consultants.

Q: What’s the roadmap and how does it affect my business?

A: Let’s review – there’s no reason to guess.

Q: My business really needs to upgrade – merchandise planning, assortment planning, replenishment, allocation. What are my best options?

A: Plan, plan and plan some more. We’re here to help guide the planning process. RPE consultants not only speak to current trends, but know the applications and can offer the best advice relative to a phased approach.

Q: Upgrade…NOW? This just isn’t a good time. We need to concentrate on store openings so why should I consider an upgrade?

A: Businesses have done everything possible over the past 2-3 years to reduce costs – now IS the time to talk about an upgrade. Stay ahead of the competition when retail (and the overall economy) hits full stride.