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IBM System x is now a Lenovo product. Lenovo servers provide a simple route to higher performance. Investing in innovative Lenovo servers can deliver greater agility and efficiency. Add processing, memory and storage capacity as your needs grow. Maximize the potential of your business with a server lets you securely handle the simplest to the most complex workloads.

Lenovo’s advancements in performance, scalability and reliability provide the technology to help your business innovate and thrive. Your IT infrastructure choices help you stay ahead of the competition.


Operating Systems
The Lenovo family of servers supports VMWare, Microsoft and Linux operating systems or any other operating system that is compatible with Intel-based processors.

Together, Lenovo and VMware are a proven, trusted and certified solution designed to consolidate your server applications. From small to large businesses, Lenovo and VMware increase hardware utilization, reduce hardware and operating costs and help eliminate complexity. 

Lenovo and Microsoft work together through joint development initiatives to establish industry standards and to provide leadership solutions. Pair your Lenovo server with trusted operating solutions from Microsoft.

The Linux on Intel® world is moving ahead at an aggressive pace. Keeping up with all the resources available can be quite a challenge. So Lenovo has put a wealth of Linux on Intel resources at your fingertips—to help you take full advantage of the combined power of Linux and Lenovo.

Consolidate with LenovoTired of having different server platforms running, underutilized servers and the ongoing financial drain of wasted resources? IT Consolidation is the solution. Consolidating multiple servers onto fewer, reliable Lenovo servers can help create an optimized end-to-end infrastructure. The potential benefits: improved access to information, faster response times, more efficient integration between data and applications and a potentially lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).