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Invest in JDA Merchandise Planning Solutions From RPE to Effectively Manage Your Inventory

Today’s retail businesses need an efficient way to manage their inventory. Merchandise planning allows you to develop sales and inventory goals, then track results and determine how they vary from your objectives. If you’re interested in having merchandise planning solutions implemented at your retail business, turn to the experts at RPE. We’ve been serving retailers throughout North America since 1999 and we proudly implement a wide array of retail solutions from JDA, including JDA Enterprise Planning and Allocation software.

Storefront showing variety of merchandise based on Merchandise Planning

JDA Enterprise Planning Software

JDA Enterprise Planning (sometimes referred to as “Arthur Planning”) software helps retailers align company-wide strategic plans in order to achieve common goals. This state-of-the-art software can:

  • Use workflow-driven processes to identify a company’s shared financial goals for inventory, margin, receipt flow, sales, and other key performance indicators
  • Seamlessly incorporate statistical sales forecasts with consumer-driven channel clusters
  • Dynamically group product, location, and time hierarchy members
  • Consolidate planning and evaluating data by key attributes (both by product and store) in order to create consumer-driven plans
  • Identify areas requiring analysis, review, or approval
  • And much more


JDA Allocation Software

JDA Allocation (sometimes referred to as “Arthur Allocation”) software helps retail businesses more effectively allocate their products across locations, thereby increasing profits. It has the ability to:

  • Calculate distributions based on sales history and on-hand quantities
  • Control allocations based on templates, grading, model stock, or maximum/minimum quantities
  • Group stores based on climate, demographics, grade, or location
  • Simultaneously allocate multiple styles, and it can also allocate both bulk and pre-packaged quantities
  • Automatically allocate products at scheduled times based on established methods
  • Store saved allocation methods, allowing users to perform predetermined methods with just one click


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