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Modifications & Programming

Modifications and enhancements in retail software implementations typically consist of multiple applications from several software vendors. Rarely does one application meet the complete requirements of the business.

The solution is to modify or enhance an existing applications suite to customize the application. It is important that modifications and enhancements be managed appropriately. Too many modifications can make upgrades difficult, while too few may not meet the requirements of those using the system.

Each retailer has its own niche in the marketplace that makes it competitive and profitable. Vendors develop software for the majority of functions and cannot address every requirement. A well designed and fully tailored system will require some degree of customization.

Woman mapping out a merchandising management plan

RPE’s Approach 
Think of RPE as the bench, where players sit on the sidelines waiting to go into the game. Bench time is free, staff is reduced and expenses are incurred only where needed and where justified.

RPE partners with our client’s staff to achieve outlined goals. We recruit only senior level talent with retail expertise. RPE works with popular vendor applications. Our talented experts have experience in the software. Plus, our structured methodologies improve the process to ensure the highest quality.