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Achieve Retail Unified Commerce With an IT Strategy Plan

If you’re searching for a way for your business to achieve retail unified commerce, consider developing and implementing an enterprise-wide IT strategy plan. Having such a plan in place will help your team understand where your company is now with regard to omnichannel merchandising, where you’re looking to be in the future, and how you’ll use new technologies to get there. The right omnichannel commerce platform will help your company meet current and future needs, as outlined in your strategic plan.

Key Elements to Be Included in Your Plan

When developing a plan for omnichannel merchandising, be sure to include the following to ensure success:

  • A realistic assessment of your company’s current IT infrastructure
  • A strategy for how new IT technologies will further your company’s goals
  • Sufficient time for purchasing, implementation, deployment, and training
  • Reasonable cost and time estimates
  • Milestones that break work down into smaller, more achievable steps
  • Frequent meetings to assess progress and realign plans as needed

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The Benefits of Partnering With Outside Consultants

When developing an IT strategy plan, it’s smart to team up with outside consultants. Because consultants are approaching the situation from an outsider’s perspective, they’re able to provide fresh, unbiased recommendations. They can also provide extra manpower, which allows in-house employees to remain focused on day-to-day operations. Plus, if you partner with a consulting firm that has experience specific to the retail industry, they will have assisted in developing long-term strategic plans in the past. Based on this experience, they’ll be able to offer expertise on what may or may not work for your company in the future.

At RPE, we have more than two decades of experience helping North American retailers implement retail software solutions to improve processes and maximize profits. Our consultants understand omnichannel merchandising and know how to use omnichannel retail software and other unified commerce solutions to help businesses achieve their long-term goals. And, if you do choose to enlist the help of consultants, you can choose how broad or limited you would like their role to be, depending on your company’s needs and your in-house capabilities.

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