Stores have moved from a place of transaction to that of interaction with the use of retail POS software. When a customer walks into a store, it is all about the experience and the connections they make. For retailers, it is no longer an independent commerce transaction, but an opportunity to engage customers for a true omni-channel engagement. Jesta I.S. retail POS software makes even the most complex transactions seamless and complies with mandatory regulations including PCI DSS and EMV.

With retail POS software from Jesta I.S. and its fast-adoption and ease-of-use, retailers streamline in-store operations. Features such as discounts, reason codes, tenders and menu options can be configured based on a retailer’s unique business rules. The retail POS software solution fully integrates with the Jesta retail merchandising system or can be implemented as a stand-alone solution.


Business Challenge
Organizations must keep customers engaged before, during and after their purchase. POS should be the central focus in the retail transaction both in the front end and back end to support both the customer and associates. Today’s point of sale systems for retail allow for supreme execution of store operations to establish a competitive differential in the omnichannel shopping experience.

Why Jesta I.S.
Jesta retail software and Jesta retail POS software delivers a solid infrastructure which supports online and offline modes. In the event of a service interruption to the Internet, retailers can always continue to serve customers. Retailers profit from the ability to capture valuable customer data such as buying habits and brand preferences across all channels. Shopper buying histories are valuable in targeting the right promotions to increase sales and improve traffic.

The retail POS software application includes:

  • Items Sales
  • Gift Cards & Receipt
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Returns Management
  • Discount & Adjustments
  • Layaways
  • Clienteling
  • Mobile
  • Special Orders
  • Cash Management