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Post Implementation Support

Post-implementation support is what happens when the switch is turned on. It is often the most underestimated task of the implementation project. Appropriate levels of resources, rapid response times and coordination of efforts are key success factors.

As part of the implementation plan, RPE can assist with the creation of a support plan. RPE utilizes internal and outside resources in a coordinated effort. Additional resources may be required to compensate for the learning curve associated with managing exceptions in a new environment.

Woman mapping out implementation support and process

RPE’s Approach
RPE approaches post-implementation support with structure and experience. Key elements include:

  • Conduct a readiness assessment
  • Establish an implementation plan
    • Final data conversion and system setup
    • Menus and profile changes
    • Program implementation change control
    • Batch job changes and scheduling
    • Preparation of response procedures
    • Escalation procedures
    • Quality control
    • Other issues
  • Prepare and publish the support procedures
  • Provide front-line support
  • Coordinate efforts with internal staff
  • React, evaluate and adjust