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The Ransomware Attack: An Eye Opener to Having the Right Security Measures in Place

In today’s digital era, technology can revitalize and refine the supply chain process in many ways. However, a malicious program such as the recent ransomware and Microsoft security patch can suddenly create havoc in a digitally-driven world.

As a cloud hosting provider and leader in implementing and managing retail solutions, RPE Solutions has controls in place through our annual SSAE 16 SOC 1 audit that ensures all systems are properly patched. None of our internal or client systems that we manage were susceptible to the attack due to our high security measures.

The SSAE 16 audit is about taking the necessary steps to reduce vulnerability – it’s time intensive and costly. However, its value to customers is critical knowing RPE Solutions has the proper measures in place to protect valuable data.

This extensive annual SSAE16 SOC 1 audit is used to ensure RPE Solutions is performing its responsibilities to reduce risk. This would include applying security patches to all systems in our organization including our staff’s laptops, workstations, RPE servers and client servers that we manage. These security patches are not just fixing minor items, but are patching security holes that hackers use to gain full access to a system containing valuable and confidential data.

The figures are startling, but nearly half the companies that lose their data through disaster, never re-open and 90% are out of business within two years (University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems).

In this industry, new types of attacks are constantly being created. Therefore, maintaining vigilance is vital. Ensuring clients that our systems hosting their valuable data is advanced and up-to-date with the proper measures in place through this audit process, truly creates a differentiation between RPE Solutions and other cloud hosting companies.

Whether hacking and ransomware are in the news or not, our clients can rest assured knowing that the systems we manage are protected, and we’ve taken the necessary steps to reduce vulnerability. Your data and solutions are critical to your company’s success, RPE is here to ensure your data is safe and backed by a trusted cloud hosting provider that stands above other cloud hosting companies.