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RPE’s Retail Cloud Data Center Provides Secure Hosting, Systems Management, and Disaster Recovery Services

RPE is pleased to offer a retail cloud data center that provides secure hosting, systems management, and disaster recovery services to retail businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Our services can help improve your company’s flexibility and efficiency, while also providing you with assurance that business will continue operating smoothly in the event of the unexpected.

Secure Hosting

It’s become essential in today’s world that retail business professionals be able to work outside of the office. Whether at a retail store, an airport, or at home, professionals need to have secure access to crucial information at a moment’s notice. Our SOC 1-compliant retail cloud data center allows businesses to access data at any time and from any location using data encryption and impressive security levels. Plus, because we recognize that different businesses have different needs, we take the time to create customized hosting solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and budget requirements.

Man working at Retail Cloud Data Center

Systems Management

Instead of having to host a server and staff an internal IT department, retail businesses can turn to RPE for cost-efficient systems management services. Because our support personnel have received in-depth training in various areas of server and system operations, and because we have access to a wide selection of resources, retail businesses will be able to find the assistance they need, no matter the issue. We even offer 24/7/365 live staff coverage, so businesses can receive technical assistance day or night.

Disaster Recovery

When the unexpected occurs, it’s imperative that business operations continue uninterrupted and uncompromised. We offer round-the-clock system monitoring and support services to ensure that a business’s highly-sensitive information will remain secure and accessible, no matter the circumstances, allowing businesses to minimize or entirely prevent disruptions to customer service.

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