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The Many Benefits of Updating the Point of Sale System at Your Retail Business

Have you considered updating your retail point of sale (POS) system? Many retailers hesitate to upgrade their POS systems because they’re concerned that the implementation will be too expensive and disruptive to complete, but that’s no longer the case. And, having outdated POS software can put you at a disadvantage. POS technology has greatly improved in recent years, and today’s retail POS systems can:

  • Create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience
  • Provide store associates with the information needed to answer customers’ questions and make recommendations
  • Help store associates upsell and cross-sell
  • Allow customers to redeem personalized incentives while checking out
  • Easily facilitate couponing, loyalty programs, returns validation, and gift card authorizations
  • Support mobile commerce payment methods, such as Apple Pay
  • Send customers electronic receipts, thereby streamlining the checkout process and minimizing paper waste
  • Quickly, reliably, and securely share data with other stores, corporate partners, suppliers, credit card companies, and customers
  • Survive harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, electrical interference, and the presence of moisture and other contaminants

As POS technology has improved, customer expectations have increased accordingly. Fortunately, retailers can turn to RPE — a trusted retail consulting firm — for POS system upgrades and implementations. We can provide you with all of the hardware, software, and processes needed to take full advantage of modern POS technology.

Retail Point of Sale counter in a store

Things to Consider When Updating Your POS System

Before committing to a new POS system, it’s important to consider all aspects of the implementation. RPE’s consultants have extensive experience with retail POS implementations and can help you:

  • Develop a software roadmap that ensures you’ll be able to accommodate future retail industry requirements and plans for company growth
  • Outline a hardware, platform, and infrastructure roadmap that helps you avoid expensive, disruptive upgrades and confirm that your POS system will interface with other key systems
  • Assess tender and payment authorization to ensure compliance requirements, prevent potential data breaches, and protect your company’s brand
  • Review ease of management to improve accuracy and reduce support costs
  • Evaluate basic functionality to ensure that your company’s needs will be met both now and in the future
  • Understand modern functionality that will provide your management team with additional pricing options and customer relations tools, thereby improving business, driving sales, and building brand loyalty
  • Address security concerns to satisfy compliance requirements, prevent user error, and minimize the loss prevention footprint

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