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Unparalleled Retail Strategy Consulting for Merchandising and Supply Chain Solutions

RPE stands apart from other retail consulting firms thanks to the extensive experience and depth of knowledge that our consultants possess. Many of our consultants come from the retail industry, so you can rest assured that they understand the obstacles that your business faces each and every day. Others previously worked for software vendors, so they’re very familiar with the solutions we implement. When you partner with RPE for retail strategy consulting, our skilled consultants will identify and analyze existing issues with your business, then help you select and implement the solutions that will best address those issues.

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Why Is RPE the Top Choice for Retail Consulting Services?

Retail businesses throughout the United States and Canada can rely on RPE to provide them with top-notch retail strategy consulting services. We’re a leading retail consulting firm, and we’ve been assisting retailers with selecting, implementing, and managing merchandising and supply chain solutions since being founded in 1999.

At RPE, we offer a wide range of merchandising and supply chain solutions that can help your business reach peak performance and achieve maximum profitability. The Blue Yonder merchandise management system (MMS), for instance, helps retailers adapt to evolving consumer needs and more accurately align product supply with consumer demand, thereby leading to increased revenue and margins. Our consultants undergo extensive training on these solutions so that they can help retailers select the ones that are most appropriate for their specific needs. You can feel confident knowing that your project will not be a learning experience for us.

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For more information about our retail strategy consulting services, as well as the merchandising and supply chain solutions we offer, call RPE today. We look forward to working with your retail business and helping you achieve your bottom-line goals.