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RPE Discusses Blue Yonder Allocation Upgrades in Recent Case Study

Are you behind with your Blue Yonder upgrade strategy?

Let RPE review and evaluate your current Blue Yonder Allocation process with an in-depth health check that will uncover if your company should:

  • Keep the existing version
  • Modify the existing version
  • Or perform upgrades

RPE Solutions’ main goal is to help retailers integrate their people, process, and IT, with a substantial focus on business process improvement. Retailers that utilize JDA Allocation software can more quickly and efficiently create and execute all retail allocation plans across their stores.

RPE Solutions recently published a case study detailing how important an upgrade was to a retailer’s Blue Yonder Allocation software. Upgrades are meant to remedy any bugs in the software and keep the system up-to-date with the most recent application improvements to better facilitate the allocation process.

When a retailer approaches RPE Solutions with any upgrade request, RPE follows a time-tested process that entails interviews, health checks, upgrade implementations (if applicable), training, and long-term recommendations.

Health Check

During the health check, retailers can expect an RPE consultant to examine the existing JDA allocation software in place (and how that software is being used) to determine the next steps. RPE identifies concerns, potential enhancements, if training is needed, and will move forward with establishing an upgrade path if needed. It is also important at this stage for RPE to interview key company players such as CIO, Vice President of Planning & Allocation, and any other staff member working in IT and allocation.

Customized Training

In order for the new allocation software upgrades to be most effective, all users need a thorough understanding of new functionality and features and how it can improve the allocation process. RPE solution experts provide customized Blue Yonder training for all end users based on specific needs around the Blue Yonder Allocation upgrade.

Long-Term Recommendations

At the conclusion of the upgrade, RPE will provide the client with a long-term success plan with an agenda for the next phase. The recommendations are meant to help retailers with budgeting and planning for the future. Some key areas of focus in the long-term success plan include:

  • Assessing user knowledge after interacting with new Blue Yonder Allocation upgrades
  • Reviewing allocation process to ensure ease of use amongst users
  • Providing additional training based upon user feedback and pain points

To learn more about Blue Yonder Allocation upgrades and how it can dramatically improve your business’ process, please read the RPE Solutions case study:

Allocation Upgrade: Improving a Solution Investment