Cloud Hosting and Managed Services Data Center with SOC 1 Compliance

RPE offers enterprise-level data centers to provide clients with an enhanced value proposition: secure facilities with 24/7/365 engineering and support based in the United States. Utilizing a trusted data center, which can house some or all your IT infrastructure, is a sustainable solution that provides greater security, availability, redundancy, and scalability.

As a cloud hosting provider, we ensure the integrity our clients’ business applications and technology infrastructures. Our network provides reliable connectivity and fast performance, which includes around-the-clock monitoring, notification, and reporting. Our network backbone consists of a multi-carrier, redundant configuration to ensure no single point of failure. It reduces vulnerability and loss of critical data to unexpected events and interruptions. Do not let hurricanes, flooding, massive power outages, hardware failures, human error, and other unexpected events halt normal business operations. With RPE, downtime is minimized, reducing the impact on employee productivity, corporate profitability, partner relations, and customer satisfaction.

Data centers are engineered with a minimum of five levels of security under a needs plus one (N+1) model. They can provide all the power and security needed to house everything from a single server to a complete IT infrastructure.

Data Center features:

• Two-factor authentication for entry (PIN code and biometric)
• Secured rack and cage space
• Video surveillance
• 24/7/365 on-site monitoring staff
• Redundant power distribution and backup generators
• Raised flooring
• Fire suppression system
• UL-certified lightning protection
• Multi-level control access
• Multiple HVAC systems
• Lack of direct exterior walls
• Compliance with the highest regulatory requirements

SOC 1 Type 2 Compliance

We want our clients to feel confident in the security of our services, so we undergo extensive yearly testing to ensure that our data center and systems meet the high standards set forth by the AICPA. Our SOC 1 Type 2-compliant data center, which is staffed by skilled operations professionals, meets the highest standards of quality and performance to ensure security of services.

The AICPA developed SOC 1 audits to provide service organizations with a consistent method of disclosing independently assessed information about the design and operation of internal controls. The more extensive SOC 1 Type 2 audit considers controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. To achieve this means that the effectiveness of the RPE data center processes has been tested over a period of at least six months and passed all requirements.

Companies that complete the AICPA’s annual audits offer a substantially higher level of assurance and operational visibility than those that opt not to do so. RPE’s clients can feel confident knowing that we’ve taken proactive steps to develop and implement numerous controls in outsourcing services. If you’d like to receive copies of our SOC 1 Type 2 audit report, which provides an in-depth description of the controls that we have in place, contact RPE.

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We know that clients who use our cloud, hosting, backup and recovery and systems management services are entrusting thier confidential data to us. We consistently maintain the highest security controls to protect that information. For more details on our data center and our cloud and hosting services, please contact RPE today.