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Software Version Upgrade

We help retailers assess the organizational impact of upgrading an existing system to a newer version as well as recommend and implement the proper course of action for a software version upgrade.

The retail industry is typically known for its resistance to adopt new technology. The notion of “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it” has been a common response to software version upgrade decisions. Implementing a new version of an existing application can be an unnerving decision for any retail IT executive. In addition, a lack of internal IT resources to support new technology can bring an upgrade decision to a screeching halt.

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RPE’s Approach
Our methodology consists of the following phases:

High Level Assessment Phase
This includes reviewing IT strategies, documenting current systems infrastructure, functional and technical gaps and prioritizing future functionality requirements.

Detailed Assessment Phase
This includes detailed review and documentation of current application infrastructure including modifications, interfaces, databases and programs. Four courses of action a retailer can take after this phase:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Modify existing system version
  3. Upgrade existing system to a newer version
  4. Replace existing system altogether

Software Version Upgrade Phase
Should the recommended course of action result in a software version upgrade, this phase will follow the Detailed Assessment Phase. It includes all facets of implementation including project management, conducting BPA sessions, solution design and development, testing and training and post implementation support.

There are a variety of advantages a retail organization may realize by upgrading an existing software version to a newer version including:

  • New functionality defined by client base (i.e., modification requirements addressed by vendor)
  • New functionality defined by industry best practices
  • Performance
  • Improved support levels