Jesta I.S. Vision Sourcing and Demand streamlines operations, eliminates business silos and provides a clear cut view of the entire supply chain. With Jesta I.S. Vision Sourcing and Demand, brand manufacturers and wholesalers can stay ahead of the competition to meet customer demands with one system. Manage omni channel order fulfillment and consolidated purchases to speed up production.

The Sourcing Module delivers accurate production forecasts and captures data from multiple production paths, giving complete supply chain visibility of both full-package and raw materials procurement.

The Demand Module keeps manufacturers and wholesalers ahead of customer demand in a seamless delivery of available merchandise throughout the supply chain, all the way to the point of sale.

The Web Order Management Model generates product catalogs by customer, allowing each client access to a customized procurement environment. See all of your customer orders as they are entered, while tracking status and details.

Business Challenge
Carrying costs, excess inventory, stock outs, late ship orders and cycle times are all areas that constantly need to be improved. Jesta I.S. Vision Sourcing and Demand re-examines capabilities for flexibility, lead production and reliability. Shift your enterprise from a traditional, site-centric ethos into a modular, localized and cost-competitive business.

Why Jesta I.S.
Vision Sourcing and Demand helps to increase vendor and supplier communications and reduce production inefficiencies to increase speed to market, profitability and customer satisfaction. Decrease carrying costs, out of stocks, late shipped orders and cycle times. Several Jesta I.S. modules work to support sourcing and demand including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business Intelligence, Mobile and Financials.

The Sourcing and Demand application suite includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Planning
  • Invoicing
  • Production
  • Sales Order
  • Return Authorization
  • Costing
  • Allocation
  • Integration Tools